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Jan 7, 2007 08:22 PM

TV dinner trays?

Anyone know where I can find these relatively cheap? I need ten for a party...don't want to pay $10 each for teh ceramic ones.

Is it possible to find the old style foil ones from anywhere? or?

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  1. I got mine at Cost Plus - an import store.

    1. Ziggylu, forgive me if I am a bit lost here, but I see ceramic and foil ones being mentioned.

      So is plates or platters w/wo dividers out of the question? Heavy Duty Chinet?

      Same ballpark?

      1. Sorry for any confusion.

        What I"m ultimately looking for is the foil pans that TV dinners used to come with - with the little compartments.

        It seems some companies make them now as ceramic dinnerware...but those run about $10 each.

        This is for a party we're throwing and I'd rather not pay that much for them for one time use if I can find the cheapie foil ones or something else of the same idea but cheap(not paper though)

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          Thanks for the clarification. The ceramic thing threw me for a "Retro TV Dinner" theme party.

          Anyway the closest substitute my catering friend came up with, is using an institutional compartment "Mess Tray", that her clients are willing to go along with.

          The GI stainless steel mess trays, most likely, would be found in army surplus stores or places specializing in camping gear. The institional plastic mess trays are a general foodware item.

          Off my head Instawares has a decent selection of those. (See link) I noticed some being around $30-$60 a dozen if you follow through the additional pages at that link.

          Not up on the history of the TV dinner trays, but I have always suspected those aluminum trays were a spinoff of the military GI mess tray.


          1. re: ziggylu

            I know this is a very old post, but I was doing a search online, and am looking for the ceramic dinnerware shaped liked the foil tv dinner trays--do you have info on any of the companies that carry these? thanks!

              1. re: laspezia

                I guess in case anyone's still looking for these, Target sells pretty nice ones made of melamine. I want to say they're only a few dollars each.

            1. You can get 3-compartment foil TV Dinner trays with foil-coated board lids at The are around 90 cents each, and are reusable.