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hot sauce in toronto supermarkets

To all hot/chili sauce lovers, which brand do you buy? I'm not quite looking for the special kinds found at Kensington or St. Lawrence, but I'm willing to go beyond Tabasco (I think its too vinegary), so at a local supermarket chain... which hot sauce should I get? Is Frank's any good? (I just ran out of hot sauce from Mexico, a friend had bought for me since last year!)

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  1. I like Frank's myself--not too hot, rather tart--but if you find Tabasco too vinegary you might not like Frank's as it's even more so. I also really like the chipotle Tabasco and use that far more than the regular Tabasco. If you want more hot than vinegar, I think Tabasco also makes a habanero sauce--you could try that.

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      Frank's is the ultimate hotsauce! I could put it on everything!

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        Franks sauce is to vinerger and in my opinion ketchup with a very little spice.

        now for sauce its Dave insanity sauce, ands he has a lot lot of different ones. last time i saw them it was in the lawerence market.

        but i like hot sauce and not any imitation (i use tabasco as ketchup)

    2. Unfortunately, those "special kinds" are often the best...

      Franks has a fruitier flavour than Tabasco and is significantly less hot. I like it, but it is definitely vinegary. Mixed with butter, it seems to make the best tasting Buffalo style wings for my palate.

      Tabasco now makes additional flavours that are quite different from the original. I enjoy all of them more than the original Tabasco. There is a jalapeƱo (green) version (less hot but also vinegary), a garlic version (my fave, but hard to find), and a chipotle version (not at Loblaws). They also have a new habanero version, which I haven't tried.

      You might enjoy Dan-T's. There are several flavours and these are far more sophisticated than Tabasco or Franks. Fairly widely available.

      Of the harder to find ones, I enjoy Mados and MaePloy.

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        So which supermarkets should I hit to find a chipotle tabasco? Would I be able to find one at Food Basics (most nearest my house) or Price Chopper (2nd most nearest!). I think Loblaws and Dominions would have more variety, right?

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          A large Dominion might have it. I don't know about Food Basics (Dominion) or Price Chopper (Sobeys). Loblaws doesn't seem to stock it.

          Loblaws and Dominion both seem to carry at least some Dan-T's.

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            I'm pretty sure that I've seen it at Loblaws whenever I've looked for it...

        2. I would suggest making the journey to St Lawrence - there's a hot sauce stand in the basement that will be able to fulfill your every (hot sauce) desire. It might be a bit of a journey, but it's worth it.

          1. My favourite is Cholula, a Mexican hot sauce available at Loblaw's and other supermarkets. It's more balanced and less vinegary than Tabasco.


            1. I suggest you go to Taste on the danforth at chester station. They have a HUGE selection of hot sauces (well, any sauce, oil , vinegar etc for that matter) and you can test and taste anything before buying! Its an addictive little shop, I find myself in there wayy too often adding to my salad zest collection.

              1. Cholula is miles ahead of Tobasco. I'm also fond of plain old Sriracha for its E. Asian accent.

                1. I also like Cholula. My local Dominion in Richmond Hill has a great selection of hot sauce, better than Loblaws, IMHO. Frank's is another favourite. I like their Extra Hot.

                  As someone else mentioned Taste on the Danforth has an amazing selection. Some of the names are hilarious.

                  1. Frank's is mild, as far as hot sauces go, and vinegary like Tabasco.

                    If you're looking for a change, I agree with Kagemusha: give Sriracha a try. You should be able to find it at any grocery store in the city. It's got a lovely thick texture and is garlicky too! Mmmm...

                    In the same vein, most of the chain stores will also carry Sambal Olek (no garlic, and has a chunkier consistency, almost like a relish).

                    1. I'll jump on the Cholula bandwagon too, for a widely available hot sauce. Dave's has a smoky chipotle one that's pretty good.

                      My all-time favourite, though, is Melinda's from Belize. Made with a carrot juice base instead of a vinegar base. Comes in a few varieties. It's available at a handful of places in the city, including St. Lawrence Market.

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                        I always liked Cholula, until it got discovered and the price doubled. For a great value everyday hot sauce check out Tapatio. It is easily found at any of the Latin stores in Kensington. Buffalo red jalapeno sauce is a very close second for me, although I find it too thick. My absolute favourite special hot sauce is the Tabasco Habanero, it's very spicy and hard to find but I do know that Whole Foods has it.

                      2. By far, my favourite is Grace Foods Hot Pepper Sauce. I believe they are a Jamaican foods company.

                        1. In no Particular order

                          Dan T's Chipotle
                          Daves Insanity Garlic Chile
                          Huy Fong Sriracha
                          Chimichurro From the Sausage guy (North Saturday market)in St Lawrence Market.

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                            Right, it's Dan T's chipotle I was thinking of.

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                              Dan T's is fantastic stuff...love their chipotle and white hot. I usually pick up like 4 bottles at the food show when they're on sale for $2 a piece.

                          2. Lessee here, what's in the fridge....

                            Crystal from Cheese Dairy
                            Sriracha from pretty much everywhere in the city
                            Picamas from Perola's in Kensington
                            some almost lethal sauce from the Barbados, bought at Caribbean Corner in Kensington
                            and the usual homemade stuff...

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                              I second nominate Melinda's and Franks. My favourite at the moment though is Lee Kum Kee chili garlic sauce.


                              I've seen it at Food Basics.

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                                For an everyday grocery store hot sauce my vote goes to Frank's Extra Hot. The extra heat balances the more vinegary taste of the Original or Tobasco.

                                Like someone else said, if you want good hot sauce you need to go somewhere other than a chain grocery store. It's a fun experience too if you can find a store that encourages you to sample different types.

                                One interesting variety I had was a grapefruit pulp and habanero sauce. Excellent on fish. It may have been Melinda's.

                                Another fantastic one was Ring of Fire Garden Fresh Chile Sauce. While not particularly hot, it was more like a finely chopped salsa. I was amazed by how fresh it taste considering it was from a bottle.

                            2. I like Franks. I use it if I want something with a bit of kick but not too much. I find it less vinegary than Tabasco. Someoone mentioned that it made the best Buffalo wings. It's because it's what makes Buffalo wings. Frank's and butter.

                              Sriracha as someone mentioned is fantastic. Thick, tasty and hot.

                              Both my wife and I like Yucatan Sunshine. It's quite good.

                              Not overly hot but about as flavourful as it gets is Tabasco Chipotle sauce.


                              1. I'm biased, but I love Matouk's brand from Trinidad. Hard to find, but if you look in Caribean stores they are around sometimes. They are SUPER flavourful with a range of heat. Try their Kuchela as well (hot green mango pickle) - so packed with flavour and medium heat.

                                1. I usually buy a hot sauce with scotch bonnet peppers or matouks...

                                  I picked up two bottles of Walkerswood hot sauce (scotch bonnet peppers)from UK at ASDA (thier version of Walmart) but I am sure u could find it at some west Indian/Caribbean grocer

                                  1. Matouks is fantastic... there are different levels of heat. The red one is the hotest, they also have an orange bottle and a calypso flavour. They can be found at certain Loblaws and No Frills. My all time favourite is DELISH, a hot sauce from Barbados, does anyone know where you can find it in Toronto? I get my friends who vacation in Barbados to bring it back for me.

                                    1. For me, when I'm in a curry/jerk sauce kind of mood, Mado's is great. You can find at it House of Spice in kensington. Killer with eggs.

                                      Of the tobasco types, Mr. Gouda's one is by far the best. It sticks with you and isn't pure vinegar.

                                      Tobasco Chipotle is a welcome find whenever I come across it.

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                                        There's a much hotter chipotle sauce on the market called Buffalo Brand, from Mexico. Much thicker than Tobasco, and about three times the heat. I've seen it in some Loblaw's, if not, then definitely at Perola's. Fantastic to cook with, or use as a condiment (instead of pepper for fondu).