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Calling Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock

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So after many weekends (Fri and Sat) of constant busy signals when calling Casa Bianca we finally asked about it at the restaurant. The asnwer is... they take their phone off of the hook they get busy. Nice. Now I can stop wearing out my redial.

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  1. I think off the hook is better than not answering. At least you know they are open. I hate when I call phillips BBQ and they just don't answer.

    1. Casa Bianca has got to be the worst restaurant ever...just ask any of the throngs of people waiting to get in. No parking, rude service, long waits, too noisy, cash only. Damn their eggplant parmagiana and pizza! If the food wasn't so good it would have been turned into a dry cleaners long ago.

      1. That's lame...makes me not want to eat/order from there ever again even tho they have yummy pizza.

        1. Recommendation: order pizza by phone on weekdays and take it out. Skip the pasta dishes, pizza is great.

          1. Casa Bianca has been the only pizza for me, for about five or six years now. Sometimes I eat in, but more often than not, we bring it back home.

            We've never had a problem with rude service. I'm sympathetic to the restaurant's concerns. Its a small business, family run. The kitchen can provide a finite amount of product, the patrons in the restaurant have the priority.

            Which is worse? Taking the phone off the hook when the kitchen is at capacity, or telling someone on the phone the wait for a pizza is two hours?

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              But it does take two hours, right? We ended up driving there and placing our order and they were 45 min off of the one hour time they told us for pick-up.

              But it is crack and I am its crackhead.

            2. Disappointing to hear that about the phone policy. I'm one of those persistent people that could sit there and hit the redial button until I starve to death. I'd rather be told that a pizza's going to take two hours so that I have the option of going elsewhere.

              I would disagree about the bad service, though. My friend and I once ordered a pizza for take-out, and when we went to pick it up we felt too lazy to bring it back to his house to eat, so we asked the host if we could eat it there. One minute later, we had a comfy booth, a couple of sodas and a box of eggplant/sausage pizza. The waitress didn't even mind that we had already paid for the pizza --- we tipped her for it anyway.

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                I'm glad to hear that you had a pleasant experience at Casa B, but having lived in Eagle Rock and frequenting Casa Bianca for the last 20 years, I stick to my statement about bad service.

                Now don't get me wrong, I will continue to eat there because the food is THAT good, but my experience has been 50/50 on OK service vs. bad service and to me that qualifies as BAD and this goes back to well before it was "discovered".

                The majority of employees are high school/college kids or family/family friends who can get away with being rude.

              2. I was not impressed with Casa Bianca's pizza. it's better than most LA options, but in the grand scheme of pizza, it was nothing memorable. I certainly wouldn't wear out my redial trying to call them or drive any distance to pick up one of their pizzas.

                IMO, taking the phone off the hook is just rude. Sure, it's family-run. Sure, it's a busy place. But if they're going to list a phone number, then answer it. That's common courtesy. Let's not forgive them so quickly.