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Delivery in Eagle Rock?

Where do you get delivery from in Eagle Rock? Is there any? How about a delivery service? help!

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  1. I know NOTHING about the "Quality" of the 4 Eagle Rock Restaurants' food (below), but the following do deliver:

    Eagle Rock
    House of Joy ~ Chinese ~ (323) 258-0707

    Eagle - Chinese & American ~ (323) 344-9999

    House of Thai Cuisine ~ Thai ~ (323) 256-1644

    La Pizza Loca - Italian ~ (323) 256-4710

    Near-By-ish ~ You'd Have to Call & see if they'll Deliver to E.R.
    Carmine's ~ Italian ~ So. Pasadena ~ (626) 799-2266

    Pita Pita ~ Mediterranean ~ Pasadena ~ (626) 356-0106

    Lebanese Kitchen ~ Lebanese ~ Pasadena ~ (626) 296-4010

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      I live in the Eagle Rock area, and I can tell you that House of Joy has been closed for a while now, but Thai Spirit (or "House of Thai" as you listed it) is pretty good.

    2. Sicha Siam & Panang, Thai restaurants in Eagle Rock both deliver. They're both pretty good, although we've come to prefer Panang since they also have a sushi bar (also fairly okay).

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        I'm a big fan of Sicha Siam, and have always found their delivery service to be fast and friendly.

      2. Other than the two listed above, the only place I can think of that delivers is Italianos on York Blvd. They have pasta, pizza and sandwiches and are quite reasonably priced. They are a good alternative to Little Queasers, Pizza Smut and Domin-hoes. Also, Masa in Echo Park will deliver to Eagle Rock but they take almost two hours.

        A couple of the restaurants around Eagle Rock will deliver if a particularly large order comes in and if they have time -- even Baskin Robbins used to deliver to the college on occasion (if they had enough people on hand and the order was large enough). Check around to see if some of the mom n' pop places will deliver to you.

        1. Two Guys From Italy in glendale also delivers. I'm sure there's other Glendale restaurants that deliver to us, but it's the only one i've tried.

          What I had was decent.

          Strangely the website seems to be down right now. not sure why

          1. Last weekend my husband and I got delivery from Akbar in Pasadena. They use a delivery service called Dinners Delivered so there is a service charge -- seven dollars I think. They are the delivery service for other Pasadena area restaurants so we will keep using them because sometimes we don't feel like cooking, don't feel like going out, and don't feel like ordering from Panang yet again. It was a nice change.

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              Does this service deliver from any other restaurants? Do you have the link?

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                it's delivered.com. don't go to dinnersdelivered.com - that's their old site, and has an outdated restaurant list on it. not sure what that's about, but that's what they told me.

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                  called this delivered.com, and they do not deliver to eaglerock.

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                    that's weird cause I just ordered again from them yesterday. 626-405-1101. Maybe I'm closer to Pas than you? hmm

            2. You might try the Glendale restaurants FORTUNE INN (solid Cantonese fare) and GEORGE'S (Solid italian with very good pizza). I order from both of them a lot and if you are not too terribly far into Eagle Rock, you might be in their zone.

              George's Cucina Italiana: 818-246-7777

              Fortune Inn: 818-547-2833

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                we just called fortune inn and they say they only deliver to Glendale. we have a friend in ER who has had delivery from them, but apparently they're fickle about it.

              2. I think Luigi's on Fig will deliver on your side of the hill. I prefer their pizza to any of those mentioned above.

                1. ABC Chinese in Glendale (formerly Good Fortune) delivers, as does China Inn. I think the food is a little better at ABC (neither is exactly world class).

                  I've always had Pizza Boy #1 in Glendale deliver pizza and subs, but last week I called them and the guy told me they don't deliver anymore! I've been meaning to call back and check. I suspect maybe the manager was out that day, and the employee just didn't feel like delivering. I mean, how can a pizza place stay in business without delivering? Anyway, so now I get Two Guys delivery, which is a bit more expensive, but very good food.

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                    House of Joy in Eagle Rock has re-opened - Have not been in since the remodel, but have gotten a flyer saying they deliver. Have not eaten there in quite a long time - used to be OK Chinese food, but not spectacular.

                  2. Has anyone tried delivery from Italiano's in Highland Park?

                    1. Just called Fortune Inn. They won't deliver to ER/Glassell Park. Any other good Chinese that will deliver? Their menu looked really good.

                      1. Pizza Hut, Dominos, Two Guys, and King Pizza...sad to say. There's a couple of Thai places that say they deliver on their menu. Sorry, don't know the names though.

                        1. An Armenian place in Eagle Rock called Zangezour Grill delivers.

                          Zangezour Grill
                          2750 Colorado Blvd # 4, Los Angeles, CA

                          1. Hello Eagle Rock...Goodbye getting food delivered ever again! I moved to Eagle Rock from Miracle Mile and I think I have been able to make the mortgage payments on my house just from all the money I have saved from not being able to order food. According to LA Bite's web site, they will be offering service in our area soon (November), so I may be in trouble. But, for now, only cruddy, gross places like Panang, Thai Spirit and Two Guys From Italy deliver. I have learned to cook more though...which is nice.