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Jan 7, 2007 06:42 PM

Best commercial apple butter brand?

Craving friend's homemade version, no time to make it myself. What would you recommend for readily-available store bought brand?

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  1. I may be biased toward the local variety, but I will have to say J.M.Smuckers apple butter is the best.

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      The apple butter made by North Star Orchards available at Philadelphia area Farmers markets.

    2. I actually just purchased a jar of Medford Farms Apple Butter this morning and really enjoyed it - no sugar added and the only ingredients are apples and apple cider, so I felt really good about eating it, too!!

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        My family has enjoyed Medford Farms Apple Butter for about 18 years but the local Harris Teeter stopped carrying it! I asked them to re-order but it hasn't happened. It's excellent! I personally don't like any spices in my apple butter, nor added sugar, so this is perfect. Really dark and smooth. Highly recommended! Now I just need to find it online somewhere!

      2. Musselman's isn't bad.

        I grew up eating Bama apple butter, thought it was really good, but haven't lived anywhere that I could get it for many years.

        1. Bauman's is the best! You may have to mail-order.
          I don't know where you are located, but their website can provide you with local stores that carry their apple butter. The no-sugar added apple butter is the best! Enjoy!

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            I second the Bauman's. It's amazing. I also love their pumpkin butter.

          2. Graves Mountain jams and jellies are fabulous. The apple butter is widely available at grocery stores in the Washington, DC area, but all the jams and jellies are available via the internet. Graves Mountain Lodge does its own mail orders. In addition, there are plenty of internet retailers.


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              I just got back from grocery shopping at Balducci's. At least one shelf was filled with Graves Mountain apple butter -- sugar-free and sugared variety -- and apple sauce -- ditto to the varieties. I don't know if the stock at Balducci's varies by region. If all the stores in the chain stock the same products, that certainly extends the availability of Graves Mountain without resorting to the internet.