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Jan 7, 2007 06:34 PM

Best uni???

where are the gonads of a sea urchin 7 types of delicious?

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  1. there's a great uni dish at momofuku ssam bar, served with black tapioca and whipped tofu. the portion is generous for the price (i think it was 6 pieces) and i could have sworn there was yuzu in the tofu, which was a brilliant accompaniment.

      1. I definitely second the Uni dish at late-night Momofuku Ssam. It's really, really good. You might want to call ahead though, as the menu changes frequently...

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          Thank you for the Momofuku tip. I went yesterday for the first time for the uni. The uni and tofu were amazing together but I didn't really get the tapioca. It was very sweet, very chewy, and there was just altogether too much of it.