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Jan 7, 2007 06:20 PM

Recommendations for Winston - Salem

We will be in WS this Friday and Saturday and need some dining recommendations. Looking for all types. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Little Richard's BBQ (map: ).

    For funky breakfast/brunch/lunch in a heavily "quirky/arty" environment, Mary's Of Course: (map: ).

    Lots of people recommend Sweet Potatoes; I had lunch there a few months ago & while it was just fine, I didn't really see what all the fuss was about. I'd certainly eat there again if I was in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't drive across town.

    I don't live in W-S but I head over there every few months to check out the art at SECCA, so these are my faves to hit when I'm in town. Hopefully some natives will have a longer list.

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    1. re: rossgrady

      I dearly wanted to love Sweet Potatoes, for reasons I will not explain here. But it does not live up to the hype.

      It is truly awesome to see a sizeable portion of downtown W-S finally being brought back to life for the after-business hours, and Sweet Potatoes is a part of that, but we were not overly-impressed by S.P.

      Good, but far from great.

    2. I would also add Mr. Barbecue on Peters creek and Milners on stratford or Christophers on Broad. At milners stick to the apps even for your main course. Check out for other places to consider

      1. Jazzmanchef

        A little more guidance on what type of food you are looking for would be helpful in trying to provide you with useful information. I would say that IMO, Sweet Potatoes if much better than just "fine", and is definitely worth seeking out. Little Richards is a great purveyor of NC BBQ.

        If you are looking for a brewpub, Foothills Brewing downtown on 4th Street has excellent beer and more than adequate. Downtown Thai, also on 4th Street is very good. If you are looking for more upscale, Camel City Cafe, in the Stevens Center also downtown on 4th Street is oustanding.

        Bell Brothers Cafeteria, near Smith Reynolds Airport, is a legendary "meat and 3" place. PB's, on Hawthorne Road, has some of the best hot dogs around.

        Again, if you have any cuisine or location preferences, I'll be happy to offer you more information.

        1. I also recommend PB's on Hawthorne--the hot dogs are out of this world!

          Little Richard's on Country Club Rd.(NOT the one in Clemmons) is also fantastic--definitely the best bbq in W-S. Great hot dogs, too.

          Mary's of Course has a fantastic jalapeno pimento cheese omelette. Large portions, too.

          La Botana is my favorite Mexican restaurant in town--off of Hanes Mall Blvd, near Wal-mart.

          For dessert, I love the cheesecake at Midtown Cafe and Dessertery on Stratford Rd. Of course, you could always just head across the street to Dewey's Bakery in Thru-way Shopping Center for some awesome sugar cake.

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          1. re: marshmallow78

            I will second La Botana. great place for Mexican especially if you want a comfy atmosphere and a drink. Though don't forget El paisano on waughtown. A little out of the way but this hole in the wall has great sopes, burritos and tortas

            1. re: quazi

              El Sombrero is great as well! Order off the mexican specialities menu!

            2. re: marshmallow78

              Dewey's is a classic. Love that place.

              Not quite as entusiastic about Little Richard's. Doesn't seem to be wuite what it once was, at any location.

              1. re: uptown jimmy

                If you need BQ in Winston, I'd go for Mr. Barbeque. But it's really worth heading south 15 minutes to Lexington for the real deal.

                1. re: uptown jimmy

                  Just a comment - unfortunately, Dewey's is slipping. I never thought I would say that, but it just keeps getting worse and worse. I grew up in W-S, and my parents still live there. None of us are happy with how Dewey's has been raising their prices higher and higher (sugar cake prices are insane now)since being partially bought by a former Krispy Kreme exec. at some point in the recent past- he seems to be trying to ruin an institution. Also, they no longer make some of the old favorites such as Hungarian Coffee Cake. My mom tried to order one and they told her they didn't make that anymore and that they had something "similar" - which turned out to be not similar at all and not even very good. So sad!

                  1. re: atruebluedevil

                    Tragedy. That just makes me mad. I have fond memories of that place indeed, dating from the early '70s.

                    Loved those little fruit-filled buns with the white icing drizzled on. And the sugar bread. My god. What a great little local secret that stuff was.

                    1. re: atruebluedevil

                      I also grew up in W-S and still make a trip to Dewey's every time I'm back home visiting family. I don't think that they've slipped. All of my old favorites are still there and still fantastic (sugar cake, cake squares, eclairs, pecan tarts). I won't give up on Dewey's. As for prices being higher, I don't think that $6.00 is an unfair price for sugar cake. It takes me at least 5 hours to make my own. Their sugar cake is worth every penny.

                      1. re: marshmallow78

                        and the cream horns are still cream-filled pieces of heaven. just wear a smock!

                        1. re: marshmallow78

                          yeah i miss dewyes those cake squares are addicting. yet they know they can profit off of this, thus losing a large clientele to places like ketchie creek

                  2. Botta Bing on Reynolda Road