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What 200 calories look like

Nothing to do with taste, this is in the "good to know" category.

Some people actually took pictures of different types of food, in 200 calorie portions.

Honeydew melon, Coca cola, whole milk, ketchup, uncooked pasta, cooked pasta, blackberry pie, canola oil, you name it.

Cut into a portion when necessary (half a Jack in the Box cheeseburger, 1&1/4 hotdog, almost a whole doughnut...), using the same camera setup in identical bowls or plates.


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  1. That's a lot of celery!!

    Great site. Thanks for sharing. I'm passing it along to others.

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      There's a fairly well-known joke about celery. It's *jokingly* said to have negative calories. Apparently celery is not so easily digested by us humans, and it requires more calories for us to digest than it has in itself. Lots of people find celery great for dieting. It's high in fiber. High fiber means it curbs your appetite. If you consumed 200 calories worth of celery but it takes 280 calories to burn ... do the math. There's 80 calories it has to burn from another source of food. Hence the negative calories (I suppose). I don't know how true all of this is, but I wanted to throw it out there. All bets are off if you dip your celery into peanut butter or blue cheese dressing. : )

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        But that's what celery is for, along with adding crunch to tuna salad.

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        That's ~3lbs. of celery to be exact!

      3. Just showed it to my son. He eats a lot of peanut butter.

        1. Thank was so neat...and a little scary.


          1. Love it, thanks! Some of us are 'visual' so this is v. helpful.

              1. Easy diet--just pick 6 pictures each day, eat what's pictured, that's 1200 calories. 2 pictures per meal--choose wisely!

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                  1200 calories a day? That's not much for an active, healthy adult over 5 feet tall.

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                    Hungry Celeste--regarding my "Easy diet" comment--
                    I just meant, to lose a few pounds, it would be simple to pick from these pictures. No book to buy, no weird diet drinks from a can, no counting calories.
                    I'm gratified to notice that the vegetables look so much more appetizing than the half hamburgers, partial doughnuts, etc.

                  1. on pro-anorexic websites (yes, they exist) there are lengthy lists of snacks for under 100 calories. personally, i'd rather eat a hard--boiled egg than 1/2 a hot dog as mentioned above.

                    there's a website called nutritiondata.com that has all sorts of geeky food info, including the "fullness raio" of foods. it's fascinating and a great diet aid.

                    1. that's a really cool site, thanks for posting it.

                      what a load of kiwis for 200 calories!

                      1. So cool. I sent this link to lots of people :)

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                          Me, too. I got many celery and kiwi comments!