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Where to find Antica Formula sweet vermouth in Boston?

Does anyone know a Boston-area retailer who carries Antica Formula sweet vermouth? It's made by Carpano, the same people who invented vermouth, and also make Punt e Mes, a very strong-flavored sweet vermouth which I like and is easy to find.

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  1. Ask the girls at Brix to order it for you.

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      Actually, I did that; they claim they can't get it, which makes me think no one can get it, but maybe there's some old stock sitting on a shelf somewhere that a sharp-eyed Hound might spot.

    2. Maybe give Martignetti's a call. I know they carry the Carpano brand, but not sure about Antica Formula.

      1. I believe it is fairly new to the US market. Perhaps it's not listed in the distribution books yet. Martignetti is also a distributor so that is a good place to start.

        1. I have a bunch of old bottles of Cinzano Formula Antica that I brought back from my father's collection in Argentina. Would this still be any good? Is is worth anything? Anyone out there want it?

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            I'd love them! Let me know how to contact you.

          2. It's a bit of a haul, but Chris Gasparro's Wine & Spirits in Swansea, MA has it in stock for around $30.

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              The good news is that if you get down Swansea way, you can probably find a joint where you can get a chow mein sandwich.


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                Craigie has some great house rose vermouth currently...but no chow mein sandwich

            2. Cirace's in the North End has it -- I don't know if this is an open secret, or what, but no one else seems to have noticed that they carry it. Of course, given the difficulty of parking in the North End, I guess it might be easier to drive to Swansea, or bring it back from New York, even. I get my supply on business trips to Kentucky.