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Indian Wedding Catering

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for east indian wedding caterers in Toronto based on your experiences. We'll need catering for approx. 200-250 people. We are looking for family-style or course meals, rather than the standard indian buffet. It is also important that the caterer can provide full wait staff for the food, preferably white glove standard.

Please post any experiences and/or suggestions you may have.


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  1. If you are looking for a location/hall that caters, friends of mine had their wedding at La Suhaag, a banquet hall in Brampton. I believe you can get buffet service or family style/table service at this place. It was very nice - only drawback is that it is far from the city.
    They also looked into catering by The Host (east indian) catering company (own restaurant of the same name in Yorkville on Prince Arthur), where they can cater both in house and at another location. I have heard good things about The Host caterers as well.

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      An Indian friend of mine's wedding was catered by Babur on Queen Street East. The food was excellent. Try there :)

    2. Thanks - what was the service aspect of Babur's catering like? Was it buffet, family-style [where they bring pots of food to each table for self-serve] or prepared courses?

      1. Isn't Babur on Queen West?

        1. I know two very picky Indian foodies who had their weddings catered by The Host (on Prince Arthur). They were both extremely happy.

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            I agree. I have gone to a few weddings catered by The Host and the food is always good.

          2. Yes Babur is on Queen West (it has a pink elephant outside I believe (always makes me think they cook curried elephant!).

            The wedding was buffet style. Pretty informal. They had desserts seperate to the mains (they had galub jamon, or however its spelt) and other sweets that were tasty.

            1. You may have to hire the staff separately if you go directly to a restaurant.

              If you desire high-end, white glove service then I suggest The Butler Did It. They will pull together all of your details and not let you down. (Did I mention I'm a sucker for romance?)

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                I second Butler. I've used them at least 20 times over the years and they are always great to work with.

              2. The Host and Babur are really good, you can go to any Indian restaurant for that but also http://www.shaadi.ca/index.html may be of a great help to you....you also have mybindi.com

                Also if you go to a pundit or imaam (I'm not sure what your background is) they will more than likely have caterers that they've worked with for different weddings and would be able to help you out....

                Good luck with your wedding!! I hope you enjoy it!!!

                1. Following along, does anyone know of any caterers that provide chaat or pani puri carts for weddings in the GTA?

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                    We had the Host for our wedding, and they were able to provide chaat for the apps (although we had buffet for both apps & mains). The chaat was prepared already i.e. with the sauce, yogurt etc because we thought it would be hard for guests to make it up. I'm sure they could set it up as a station - we requested the pre-assembly.

                    Good luck!

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                      I heard from the owner of Diya Decor that The Host does this and does it well. They have provided the traditional cart style service in the past, and done it well, according to her.

                      Personally, I'm not a fan of The Host catering anymore - the past 2-3 weddings they catered that I've been too I found the attention to detail sorely lacking especially at their price point.

                    2. We had our wedding at Chandini (on Chrysler Drive in Brampton) in 2007 and the food was amazing. Because we had 400 plus people, our dinner was served buffet style, however the hall has "family style" table service available too. The price was reasonable and the owner (Laddi) was really responsive to our requests.

                      I also went to a wedding a few years ago that was catered by the Host, and the food was really good then as well, though it was served buffet style.

                      1. The Host, Bombay Grill and Banjara, are all excellent, reasonable and friendly.

                        The man at Cuisine of India uses high pressure tactics, and is actually very RUDE as a business man, to deal with. His attitude alone is enough for me to never go to that restaurant again. He told me I was asking him irrelevant questions, and lectured me to try to intimidate me.

                        796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L7, CA

                        The Bombay Grill Restaurant
                        3480 Fairview St, Burlington, ON L7N2R5, CA

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                          I take it back!!

                          i guess we were both having a bad day that day, or perhaps we are both eccentric!

                          I got back in touch with CUISINE OF INDIA, and the owner was amazing, dedicated, and very passionate about his art...food.

                          They are only doing catering these days, but they are very very good!!!!!!!!

                        2. For our Hinjew wedding of ~250 guests, we had The Host do family style catering. While the details are hazy at this point, the meal was very well received.

                          1. I'm looking for a wedding venue that can serve good Indian food, not expensive (around $100 per plate maximum), and where the wedding hall is nice and can accomodate about 250 people. Any other suggestions besides La Suhaag and Chandini? We will be checking out the Red Rose Convention Centre. Anybody with experience there? Buffet style is ok.

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                              $100/head is much more then the norm, depending on the month (Summer is more $) and day (Friday/Sunday vs Saturday), expect around $30-60/person. I'm not sure of alcohol costs as I don't drink.

                              Red Rose is nice, it usually starts around $50/person. Food has always been decent.
                              Payal is worth checking out too - starts around $35/person and they did a reno job last year and the food/ambience is much improved.

                              People like Chandni because they don't chintz out and cut corners on food, but I haven't been blown away like the rest of the South Asian masses in terms of taste. (too heavy handed with the salt)

                              I haven't been to La Suhaag in years, and unless it's changed ownership recently, I've heard it isn't what it was 10 years ago. You could probably get it for $25-30/head.

                              I've always found the best thing is to tell the Chef to be honest and ask what their best dishes are...choose a few of those to go with your choices.
                              Also tip them the day before your function and make sure they understand the importance of your function and how you want the food to be perfect.

                              South Asian halls have a different M.O. versus other banquet halls.

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                                we just had our wedding at Bombay Palace and were very, very happy with the food. my family-in-law are Sikhs from Delhi, and my own family are Irish - a mixed wedding, to say the least. Manprit at Bombay Palace accommodated everything - we had both Indian and North American food. the hall has just been renovated and it looks really good inside. and the food was great - the rasmallai especially garnered rave reviews, and they did a golgappa station during the appetizer hours which was a huge hit.

                              2. The best Indian food I have had a wedding recently was at Pearson Convention Centre. It was a Portugese and Indian wedding. So, half the guests were served Indian and the other half Portugese. It was not a buffet, but sit down dinner service. Followed by the standard Portugese midnight seafood buffet. Excellent Indian food. Not sure who catered it though.

                                1. I was at Payal banquet hall yesterday. The food was very good! I have been to so many weddings, birthdays, functions etc all over the GTA. This is by far one of the best as far as food goes. The desserts were yummy. I loved how they heated up the gulab jamun. Most places don't do that. Even the coffee was good.

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                                    Payal changed their game around dramatically the last couple years.
                                    The owner, Raj, is on the ball and is serious about service.
                                    Not sure if prices have risen, but since the renovations it could be one of the better values across the GTA.
                                    The Chef and other Staff seem fairly focused on ensuring the party-hosts and guests are happy.

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                                      I will recommend them to anyone looking for an Indian banquet hall.