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Jan 7, 2007 05:23 PM

Indian Wedding Catering

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for east indian wedding caterers in Toronto based on your experiences. We'll need catering for approx. 200-250 people. We are looking for family-style or course meals, rather than the standard indian buffet. It is also important that the caterer can provide full wait staff for the food, preferably white glove standard.

Please post any experiences and/or suggestions you may have.


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  1. If you are looking for a location/hall that caters, friends of mine had their wedding at La Suhaag, a banquet hall in Brampton. I believe you can get buffet service or family style/table service at this place. It was very nice - only drawback is that it is far from the city.
    They also looked into catering by The Host (east indian) catering company (own restaurant of the same name in Yorkville on Prince Arthur), where they can cater both in house and at another location. I have heard good things about The Host caterers as well.

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      An Indian friend of mine's wedding was catered by Babur on Queen Street East. The food was excellent. Try there :)

    2. Thanks - what was the service aspect of Babur's catering like? Was it buffet, family-style [where they bring pots of food to each table for self-serve] or prepared courses?

      1. Isn't Babur on Queen West?

        1. I know two very picky Indian foodies who had their weddings catered by The Host (on Prince Arthur). They were both extremely happy.

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            I agree. I have gone to a few weddings catered by The Host and the food is always good.

          2. Yes Babur is on Queen West (it has a pink elephant outside I believe (always makes me think they cook curried elephant!).

            The wedding was buffet style. Pretty informal. They had desserts seperate to the mains (they had galub jamon, or however its spelt) and other sweets that were tasty.