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Jan 7, 2007 05:15 PM

Off the beaten path in London

I am going to London for 5 days and want to go to restaurants that are off the beaten path, ornate but of course great food. I would prefer restaurants that are not uber expensive, but if the food is good its worth it!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. define ornate? i can do off-the-beaten-path and great-food, but ornate's got me...

    1. Ornate? You want Trois Garcon in Shoreditch. The room is definingly louche. You could combine it with their equally OTT cocktail bar, Lounge Lover around the corner.

      My one meal there when it opened was not much cop, but it is still there and seems to be getting regular good reviews.


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        Trois Garcons ain't not expensive, but it's on the way . . . The cocktails in Lounge Lover are really really good . . . they are bit ornate though and certainly West End prices.

      2. Oh yes, and Lounge Lover for cocktails! (Very close to Trois Garcons, and owned by the same company.)

        1. Thanks! I will make sure to check them out

          1. Momo on Heddon Street (off Regent Street) is definitely an ornate restaurant serving Moroccan influenced food that is surprisingly tasty for such a sceney restaurant but it's not exactly off the beaten path unless being subterranean and in an alley way qualifies it as such.

            You could also check out a place called CVO Firevault, an interesting bar/restaurant in the basement of a fireplace showroom or else Wapping Food, a restaurant in a converted hydraulic power station. I wouldn't say stellar food at either place but perfectly respectable fare and interesting, unique and some might say ornate surroundings which are off the beaten path.