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Teriyaki Sauce MIA

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Costco used to carry a teriyaki sauce that was extremely viscous and not too sweet -- in other words, perfect for grilled salmon.

However, I can't seem to find it anymore and the Costco people haven't been able to help me.

I can't remember the name -- I wanna say 'Rainbow' teriyaki or something along those lines.

Anyone else know what I am talking about? And where I could get some? Or maybe another brand that has similar characteristics with regard to viscosity and lack of (over)-sweetness?

I am in Orange County, California. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Try Soy Vay very very teriaki-

    1. That is the Trader Joe's stuff, right?

      Don't like it too much -- very watery, too salty and too sweet (if that is possible).


      1. Was it "Rice Road?" It's not in Costco any more but I saw it at Smart and Final.

        1. I buy Soy Vay at Whole Foods- don;t shop at TJ's so don;t know if they sell it. It is definitely not watery-usually have to get it out of the bottle with a knife!Not too salty or too sweet either

          1. Costco in New York used to carry Yoshida's Teriyaki sauce - very thick. It was our favorite on salmon, but I haven't seen it recently.

            1. Costco in my area (Boston) used to carry Yoshida's Teriyaki and some other Yoshida products. Also Greta's Sesame marinade which I liked for salmon. I haven't seen either of these brands anywhere else.

              1. Sorry you're having so much trouble finding our product. Believe it or not, it constantly sells out and it's up to the store buyer to keep it in stock. All Costco stores do carry Yoshida Sauces worldwide so if you don't see it, be sure to ask an employee at the store to locate you some and they will. We're happy to find so many people hooked!!

                Best regards, Junki and Linda Yoshida, Yoshida Sauces www.yoshidagroup.com

                1. Todd's thick Teri sauce from Smart & Final (Cash & Carry) is pretty good.

                  1. vlad, just out of curiosity, why not make your own. As complicated as putting together oil and vinegar: for me; soy sauce, brown sugar, lots of grated fresh ginger, white wine.

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                    1. The brand is Rice Road- I'm looking at the bottle that I saved since I bought it at Costco and they never had it again. I love Yoshida sauce but this is a different thing altogether. I am online right now trying to figure out where it can be purchased. Very thick and tasty. Best teriyaki sauce i've ever had. Did you ever find it anywhere? I'm in Colorado- we don't have smart & final.

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                        I LOVE Yoshida's sauce. I take and cut eye of the round really thin and cook it in the sauce and then boil the sauce down and pour it over the beef and sever with steamed white rice.

                      2. Hope you were able to find what you were looking for...

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