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Best cheese plate in D.C./VA area


I havent been back in D.C. for awhile (used to live here and remembered the chowhound board back in the day when it had a different interface haha)...hope everyone's doing well and enjoyed their holidays :)

I was just wondering which places you would all recommend for the best fruit/cheese plate in the D.C./VA area :) I have a friend who loves loves fruit and cheese plates and I'd like to take him to a super great place...



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  1. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, but the cheese course at CityZen was superb.

    1. Ohhh thanks for the reply, may I ask what was in the cheese course at CityZen?

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          There's not a lot of fruit on the plate, but the cheese selection is certainly incredible, especially at the price as compared to some of the other excellent cheese selections in the city.

        2. A dining companion at Tosca received a nice selection a few weeks ago. Can't tell you what each one was, but it was not run of the mill. Four cheeses.

          1. I shared a cheese plate at Brickskeller, it was called the "Pentagon Cheese Board" and according to their menu it included four cheeses; havarti with dill, smoked gouda, brie, cheddar and pepperjack. The online menu quotes it at as only $6.95.


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              Not terrible for the price, but for my money that's a pretty dull cheese plate.

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                i was going to suggest this as being the best for the price because you get so much cheese for like nothing, but apparently you beat me to it :).

                The cheese tray at rock bottom isnt bad for the price either.

              2. Maestro serves a wonderful cheese cart, check em out, it easily qualifies as a "super great place"

                1. Better yet, head on over to Arrowine and pick up some artisnal cheeses, bread, and perhaps even a good bottle (or two) of wine and create your own cheese plate. I guarantee it will rival anything you'll find at even the high end restaurants, and you are guaranteed to get more than the thin slivers of cheese some of these restuarants serve.


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                  1. Dino has a good cheese selection and you can order a la carte, unlike many others where it is part of a fixed price meal.

                    1. In no particular order, all of these offer superb and varied cheese plates:

                      Restaurant Eve

                      Dino's cheese plate, the one time I tried it, was very skimpy. Of course, if you are a friend of the house, like dinwiddie, YMMV. :)

                      1. How wouuld I know,I'm always drinking so much of that great and well priced wine to notice what else I have. Actually, I find the plate to be about right for the number I order for, the cheese tends to be so rich.

                        1. I think Sonoma on the Hill has a cheese menu. Great wine menu too.