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Jan 7, 2007 02:39 PM

Lobster Roll in Dallas

Is there any other place in Dallas, beside the Mansion to get a good lobster roll? I have never had one before.

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  1. I cannot think of one. I am afraid it's a trip to New England or the Mansion..

    1. Be aware that a "real" lobster roll has more in common with chicken salad than with steamed or broiled whole lobster. It's usually chopped or shredded lobster meat mixed with celery, scallions and mayonnaise, served in a New England hot dog bun. It's a good way to use left-over lobster (although I've never encountered such a thing), but, in my opinion, a horrible waste of good lobster.

      By the way, Guidlive reports that Kenny's Wood Fire Grill offers a lobster roll.

      1. Actually the best lobster roll I have had in New England used all Lobster claw meat, and an Italian style roll. There are combinations from hard rolls to hot dog buns depending on where you are at.

          1. kirk's description of a lobster roll fits my perception of a proper one to a tee, says this native of new england. never heard of this "Italian style roll" treatment. i also find kirk's assessment of its questionable value to be right on the money. why anyone would seek out chopped-up lobster meat bound together in mayo and stuck into a hot-dog bun has always been beyond my comprehension. but then again, lots of new england natives avoid lobster altogether. TOURIST food

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              I just moved back to Dallas from NYC (home of Pearl and Mary's Fish Camp). Not gonna lie to you- super disappointed that we have ZERO good lobster roll shops floating around. If anyone wants to open up a place with me- I'm in.