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Quaint Romantic Restaurant

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I am looking for a very special romantic restaurant in the DFW area to take my friend to for his birthday. Something different that offers special attention to the "birthday boy" with exceptional food! Up to 50 miles away would be ok. Any ideas?

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    1. The Grape is a good call.

      Depending how much you want to spend, St Germain on Maple across from The Crescent in Uptown could be a magnificient option. http://www.hotelstgermain.com/new/res...

      Italian Inn in West Ft Worth is a cheaper (but not cheap) alternative. They have singing waiters and you can sit in a horse stall/booth for privacy.

      1. Aurora woule be my preference if someone was taking me....Avner Samuel is best chef in DFW...next pick would be LOLA or Bijoux....Good luck, Mike

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          I took a friend to an exceptional dinner at Aurora, but bring your wallet. It was mighty expensive. I had a great dinner last weekend at Local. They were fantastic. Excellent service.

        2. St. Emillion in Fort Worth on 7th Street.

          1. The Grape, the Grape, the Grape.

            Did I mention the Grape?

            1. Adelmo's on Cole in Dallas is a good choice.

              1. The Grape - Small, quaint and dark with a fairly interesting menu and decent enough wine list
                The Old Warsaw - Formal, big and grand, but still romantic in that 50s sort of way.
                St. Martins on Greenville - Another Greenville standby that leans towards the romantic.

                1. Check out St. Martin's Wine bistro.