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Jan 7, 2007 01:49 PM

Pho Mekong - Westport (formerly Thai Village)

Thai Village in Westport is gone and Pho Mekong (Vietnamese) is now in its place. The word is that the Thai dishes have stayed on the menu, though. Interested to hear if anyone has checked out their Vietnamese and also whether the Thai is still up to the same quality!

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  1. I've heard that it's the same owners; they just changed the name as vietnamese food is getting so popular. We went about a month ago to eat viet food. It was good, not great. Can't report on the Thai.

    1. How was the place as a Thai restaurant? If it is the same owners, that might (keyword is might) be an indication of how well they do for vietnamese.

      About the place itself, though, is this place a formal place or more casual? If the latter, I'd love to hear about a place that sells even just decent bahn mi sandwiches in fairfield county.

      How is the pho there?

      1. I thought Thai Village was pretty good as a Thai place; we went there once a month or so. I liked the pad thai, larb gai, spring rolls, and such. For comparisons, Little Kitchen (which has some Thai inspired dishes) is probably a notch above, cooking-wise.

        Their business often seemed slow when we were there, which surprised me. As Thai Village, the ambiance was calm and quiet, and casual. (Not pizza-joint, bright-lights casual, though.) I liked it. Tengda, a Westport Pan Asian place that a lot of people enjoy, is too much of a scene for me.