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Jan 7, 2007 01:46 PM


Has anyone noticed a general deterioration in the quality of bagels? I more or less expect that here in the South. Even with many northern transplants here people seem to prefer bagel-shaped soft rolls with assorted toppings. It seems even when I visit Brooklyn and Queens it's tough to find a real bagel.

When I was a teenager in Brooklyn I couldn't even consider eating a bagel sandwich because the properly baked crust made it too difficult to bite into something that thick and (desirably) tough. Now bagels are so soft that a bagel sandwich is a reasonable lunch choice.

Any thoughts on whatever happened to real bagels?

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  1. You are not alone! The last bagel I bought was soft, sweet & cake...disgusting! See this story in today's NYTimes...

    Actually, just remembered that Eli's makes decent can get them at any of his shops....EAT, the Vinegar Factory, Eli's Manhattan....

    1. I'm back on the East Coast for a little while and I made sure to stop at H&H for a "real" bagel.

      1. It's true! Bagels just keep getting bigger and more like bread. It's close to impossible to find the crunchy crust, even in NY. I used to go to Ess-a-Bagel when I lived there because I liked the chewy dough, but even that didn't have a true bagel crust.

        Now that I live in LA, it's even tougher to find a satisfying bagel. They tend to be pretty dry and flavorless out here (requires quite a bit of cream cheese to get one down). Sometimes I even go to Barney's cafe because they FedEx H&H bagels from NY everyday.

        1. H &H is a great bagel . But there are alot of small bagels shop in the boro's that are far superior. Try the Bagel man in Willamsburg. Line out the door on Metro Ave this morning to get a few bagels.

          1. I call those things sold at the Einstein's chain 'air bagels.' Likewise the cream cheese they sell to put on them is 'air cheese.' So unsatisfying.