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Jan 7, 2007 01:08 PM

best method for grinding flax seeds?

I live in Toronto, Ontario. Just wondering if anyone can recommend an inexpensive and convenient method for grinding flax seeds. The mortar and pestle just isn't ideal when one is in a rush each morning.

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  1. I use a coffee grinder just for that purpose. It's good because you can grind the flax coarsely or finely just by continuing. Done in secods.
    I have a grinder for coffee and one for flax seeds and spices.

    1. I agree, a coffee grinder is the way to go. I was given a few for gifts and use them for spice grinding. I have one even for "mild" things, like flax and one for the "heavier" stuff. Fast, easy, voom voom.

      1. a pepper mill works fine too. As long as you are ok with the grind--fine or coarse. And it's convenient too.

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          I second the pepper mill. There isn't any cleanup to worry about. With the coffee grinder, you should clean it up after each use. If you don't, then there is residual flax seed oils in the container which will become rancid and oxidized. Once it has oxidized, the flax seeds are no longer beneficial to you.

          1. re: peachblossom

            Does the pepper mill leave a residue too?