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Why didn't these muffins rise?

We made these muffins at the same time we made corn muffins yesterday afternoon. The corn muffins rose but the morning maple muffins didn't? Any ideas why? Here is the link for the maple muffins. Thanks, Richie


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  1. Old baking powder perhaps?

    1. Please reread my post again,I said the corn muffins rose but the maple muffins didn't.

      1. Well, I did not know if your corn muffin recipe included baking powder, humble apologies.

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          Sorry if I seemed a bit hard in my response but I don't express well in typing. Richie

        2. They didn't rise at all? Or they rose only a little bit? If they didn't rise at all, I'm betting you forgot to add the baking powder to this recipe. I've done it -- get something in the oven and realize, uh-oh, I didn't add an important ingredient. If they did rise a little, it may be that it's just a heavier dough than the corn muffins, and that baking powder may be getting a little old.

          1. The rose only a bit. They were flat on the top. They tatsted delicious. What would off happened if I added a tsp of baking soda? Thanks, Richie

            1. The maple muffin recipe has 2 tsp baking powder for 2 cups of flour, which is a lower proportion than most muffin recipes. It also has acidic ingredients (sour cream & maple syrup), which reduce the leavening power of the baking powder unless neutralized by an alkaline ingredient (usually baking soda). My guess is that adding 1 tsp of baking soda would overcompensate. Try 1/2 tsp soda and, if they still don't rise enough, increasing the b. powder to 2 1/2 tsp.

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              1. Were they baked at the same temps?

                Baking powder comes in 2 types, regular, and "double acting". Regular baking powder relies on chemcal action alone to rise. So the presence of acids is always a great help. The maple muffins contain sour cream, there is acid present there. Did the cornbread muffins have buttermilk? Buttermilk may have a lower pH.

                Double acting powder relies on temp to get a second rise. Were these muffins both baked at similar times and temps?

                Lastly the maple muffins have more large heavy ingrediants, which will make a difference as well.

                1. Hi,The muffins were baked at the same temp. and at the same time in the oven and the corn muffins used buttermilk while the maple muffins used plain milk. Thanks.