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Jan 7, 2007 12:37 PM

ISO: Deviled Crab Soup recipe

Deviled Crab Soup @ Issac's Restaurants., York/Lanc. PA
Hope you can help out. Thanks.

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  1. There is a website you might like. It is designed to help those who want to re-create their fav chain restaurant recipes:

    1. Still hoping for this recipe. Did find out that it has diced red bell pepper and is not a tomato based soup.

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      1. re: Shunick

        (I know you probably checked with a search engine.)

        I searched and found nothing similar. Also, I was at the Issac's near Reading (on Friday) and it wasn't featured that day.

        You really have me curious, maybe if you can remember more about it you can re-create it yourself. Was it a cream soup?

      2. This was a search by someone on another board and it sounded interesting as I have only had Maryland Crab Soup for the past 35 years so the thought of something new like "Deviled" got my interest going too.

        1. People...come on -- doesn't anyone but me want to take a good stab at re-creating this recipe? I'm thinking perhaps of using a basic deviled crab recipe and using clam juice or seafood broth to thin it out and go from there? I've looked at lots of deviled crab recipes by now and I'm up for trying it this weekend! (The original menu listing gave minced red peppers, lump crabmeat, minced onions, and dijon mustard as the starting point -- soup was golden/tannish/yellow - didn't seem cream nor tomato-based at all)Let me know your thoughts before I proceed on my own! By the way it was a TOTALLY DELICIOUS taste treat - I was the actual person who originally made this request on another board. No luck to date! Thanks!

          1. I haven't had a chance to make it, either, but I had planned to use deviled crab ingredients, as you suggest.

            If the broth/base is too strong, it will overcome the crab.
            If it is cooked too long, or too hot it will ruin the crab flavor.

            I imagine that a saute of the veggies, then a deglazing, reduction with some stock/white wine, with crab being added last, might be one idea.

            Let us know how it goes!