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Jan 7, 2007 12:29 PM

Brooklyn's 67 Burger - More than burgers and all is yummy!

I live in Fort Greene and gleefully welcome a "burger joint" to our neighborhood.

I've visited 67 4 times since opening and never received anything less than smiling, stellar service...fresh, well-timed food...and decent prices.

Their Blue Burger (with my addition of caramelized onion) is that "hitting on all cylinders" combination - sweet onion, beefy richness, bacon smokiness, blue cheesy sharpness. Wow.

A regular denizen of Pomme Frites in Manhattan, I found that their cuts have changed but I love the double-fry taste/texture. 67 seems to have captured what PF has left behind.

And I have ventured outside the burger comfort zone to try their grilled cheese and was not disappointed - bread was *just* greasy enough, lots of yummy melted cheesiness, and ordered with bacon for the smoky, meaty kick.

Hmmm, may need to go back for a 5th turn for dinner tonight after shopping at Atlantic Center... :)


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  1. Hitting on all cylinders? Hmppp. I had a less than perfect experience and thought that when I went there, 3 weeks after they had opened, they had a lot of kinks to work out, service and otherwise. I too live in the area and was optimistic, but was left with nothing but bad taste and some leftover plastic-tasting onion rings to show from my experience. Maybe I'll go back, but these days burger joints are a dime a dozen (read: excessively overabundant)so maybe not.

    1. i've been a couple times. i will admit that i have yet to try the burger, but i have had their chicken sandwich and the turkey club. i found both to be pretty good - above average.

      that being said, their pricing seemed a little over the top. my chicken sandwich with bbq sauce and bacon cost $10! Sorry, but a chicken sandwich should not cost ten bucks. And, keep in mind that not only didn't include fries or chips, it didn't even include as much as a pickle.

      A little investigation revealed that the chicken cost $5.75, the bq sauce was another $.75, cheese was $1, and 2 strips of bacon which i could barely taste cost $2. I guess if I didnt want anything on my sandwich, it wouldnt have been so bad, but i should be able to get bbq on the side, next to the ketchup, for free.

      I was going to try their fries, but after spending $10 on my good but not amazing sandwich, i didn't feel like forking over another $4.

      But, the place seems to be doing a decent business, so I guess they charge what they can get and I dont necessarily blame them. All I know is that I would go back much more often if I didnt have to spend $18 on a chicken sandwich, fries, and a coke.

      1. My wife and I ate there recently and had a pleasant experience. The staff were all very friendly and the owner spoke to us for a while.

        I had the Blue burger, which has bacon and a blue cheese sauce that is pretty damn tasty. The burger itself was actually cooked to med-rare, something that's hard to find in a burger joint. The fries were crisp, delicious, and came in a little wire rack that was a nice touch (instead of just on a cardboard tray). The burgers also come on actual plates instead of just wrapped in paper. I know those are small things, but in my opinion its the small things that make the difference. Of course, the most important thing is that burger actually tasted very good. I'm interested to go back a couple more times to see if they can give a consistent experience.

        As for pricing, I agree that they are a little on the high side. However, at $8 the Blue burger is actually a good deal seeing as how their Bacon Cheeseburger (which you could get blue cheese on) costs $9. I pointed that discrepancy out to the owner so that price snafu might not last too long.

        Eat Well.