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Jan 7, 2007 12:15 PM

Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas?

An old friend of my husband is coming to stay for a few days, and has been vegetarian for at least the last 10. Usually she just comes for dinner, and likes my antipasta/mezze platters, spaghetti and marinara sauce with organic/vegan meatballs (bought frozen), salads, felalfel and hummus; (she eats dairy, sugary stuff, not totally strict!)
I was just going to put out some cereal and lemon pound cake for breakfast, but decided I'll take Sunday off so I can spend some time, now I want to make something fancier. I guess I could do waffles, pancakes,french about something lighter/healthier. My default breakfast for overnight guests is usually eggs and bacon/sausage, but I guess that's out!

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  1. -salsa & cheese omelets
    -a healthy berry mix on crepes or waffles
    -good yogurt with assorted fruit, honey, and granola
    -smoked salmon & bagels, if she does fish

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      Thanks for the quick reply, I doubt if she eats eggs or fish, it's mostly an animal thing, although weight control is involved. But she eats things with eggs mixed in, so since she's staying a few days maybe I should ask her more of her beliefs...I wish it was summer, I would definitely do something with fruit (although it does FEEL like summer right now!) Crepes might work though. I think someone mentioned a Nutella filling once, I'll have to look.

      1. re: coll

        nutella doesn't sound light or healthy to me!

        Having worked in a breakfast restaurant, I'd definitely recommend having the yogurt/fruit/granola option available. It was extremely popular with the healthy crowd.

        best of luck.

        1. re: C70

          I looked up the Nutella crepe, it's actually banana with a little nutella, which sounds great as I just bought a big bunch of bananas which should be overipe by next weekend!
          Thanks for mentioning yogurt too, I have plenty on hand right now and I know what you mean about the healthy parfait type sundae.

        2. re: coll

          How do you not eat eggs, but then eat items like bread and waffles and pancakes that have eggs in them?

          1. re: showlett

            Exactly. that's what I'm wondering. She eats Krispy Kreme, even if they don't contain eggs who knows what's in there, so I'm not sure until she gets here. I sure have a lot of idea of things to serve though.

            1. re: showlett

              She might be inconsistent/irrational (many people are) or unaware those things contain eggs.

              Or she just doesn't like the taste of eggs on their own.

              1. re: piccola

                She talked to my husband last night, says she doesn't eat eggs but does eat muffins. Can't wait to discuss this with her in person. (She was never much of a cook so probably doesn't even know!) Her veggism started after she saw some radical film in the 80s about feedlots and all that jazz, I never had the time to really discuss it with her before. I just assured her at the time that I knew where meat comes from. Should be an interesting weekend! (in a good way)

                1. re: coll

                  That's funny! I hope you have a good time, eggs or not!

              2. re: showlett

                I know a lot of vegetarian-ish people who will eat things with eggs in them but can't stand the taste/smell/texture of an in-your-face egg. I'm not saying it's rational, but a naked egg does seem to be closer to the animal world than a muffin or pancake.

          2. Western omelet

            Raisin bread, or other nice bread/bagel + cream cheese, honey or jelly

            Selection of juices (the hispanic section of most large markets has such a wonderful variety now - I love guanabana juice)

              1. re: chowser

                Thanks for the ideas guys, I almost forgot oatmeal: maybe I should try that crock pot method, this friend is a crock pot aficianado and might be amazed! And bagels, since she moved to Georgia a few years back; I really should think of some NY specialties! My brain is starting to work now....

                1. re: chowser

                  Yum, looks great! Have you ever tried making this recipe with steel-cut oats?

                  1. re: miss louella

                    No, but I'm not a big fan of baking w/ steel cut oatmeal because it gives it a crunchy texture. I think it would really appeal to some people so it's just a personal thing. I have soaked steel cut oatmeal in the liquid for an hour and then put it in the food processor. It's better but I don't like it as much. If you like crunchy texture, it soaks overnight so it might be fine. I've played around w/ it, like adding some cream to it 15 minutes before it's done. W/out, it's like a huge oatmeal cookie, w/ cream (half and half because it's what I had), it's creamy and pudding like.

                2. Popovers:

                  If you go the savory route and add cheese, this thread has some ideas for accompaniments:

                  I've been buying fantastic ricotta cheese in the Arthur Ave area of the Bronx, and topping it with honey, fresh rosemary or thyme and toasted pine nuts. Heavenly. Alternately, you could top with drunken figs (there's a great recipe in Zuni, which I've been meaning to post about


                  Speaking of Zuni, there are a couple good egg recipes:


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                    I'm going to have to find out next weekend if she eats eggs, not sure. I just got a couple dozen from the local farmer so they're not raised cruelly, which is her big gripe. I also have extra ricotta right now, not from Arthur Ave but a very good "old fashioned" brand, and some dried figs, I almost think that might be a good additon to the antipasta the night before (any hints?)

                  2. You could buy some morningstar meat-replacement products. The breakfast sausages are really good, and you would probably like them too.

                    fruit salad with dips (yogurt, cottage cheese, ricotta)

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                    1. re: Jacey

                      I'm making marinara with vegan/organic meatballs, made by Franklin Farms out of mostly portobello mushroom. Last time she was here, I made Dr Praeger veggie burgers and she went crazy for them.