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Jan 7, 2007 11:45 AM

Betjeman and Burton tea?

A family member received some bags of excellent tea as part of a gift basket from this store, supposedly Paris tea merchants. Each individual tea bag is woven silk, with no staple. It seems very unique and for a tea drinker, a very nice gift indeed.

I tried to google the name, etc. and came up with one hit, but hardly what I was hoping to find, namely a company website from which I could order more.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Here's Betjeman and Burton's English-language website. They don't have any stores in North America but they ship to the US (no idea of cost with the euro clobbering the dollar at the moment).

    There are an increasing number of teas available in these nice pyramid shaped bags - I think they are called "tea sachets". And fortunately they are becoming more popular here in the US, so they aren't very hard to find.

    I like the tea sachets from US tea blender Harney and Sons. They have pretty gift tins, as well as bulk packs of 50 for $19. Their website is at

    Even Lipton is retailing some teas in the supermarket with these nylon sachets, although I haven't tried them (the flavours seem rather awful):

    Good luck finding something you'll like!

    1. I had no luck finding Bjetleman & Barton teas in the US either. Last time I checked the shipping was over $20 for the amount of tea I wanted to order, so I bailed (will stock up when we visit Paris this June).

      For similar tea in the mesh bag, whole leaf try:
      - mightyleaf ( I know Cost Plus Imports sell them, so does a lot of regular tea shops. I like their vanilla and also the orange dulce flavors
      - Revolution Tea ( Ginger peach is nice.
      - forte tea seems to be mentioned quite often in CH. Never tried, but Orgins seems to have them.
      - Coffee beans and tea leaf also seem to carry some - at least I got some bagged tea as xmas present last month. I haven't try them though, but expect them to be decent
      - If there's a Lupicia store near you (California or Hawaii), they also have mesh tea bags with exotic flavors.

      Lipton's nylon sachet tea is not very good, IMHO.

      1. hi!
        a persnal advise.
        try loose leaf tea instead of tea bag tea - tea bag tea is normally of inferior quality.
        once you try loose leaf tea you will understand the diffrence.
        some good sources of loose leaf tea are ,

        ave a nice day !


        1. They do have 1 location selling B&B in Montreal
          Fouvrac - Maison des Th├ęs
          1400 rue Fleury Est
          Montreal Quebec
          + 1 514 381 8871

          I have not tried calling them so I don't know if they are English fluent. No web site or online ordering. I would rather find a way to order from Canada than Europe. Even with the US dollar decline shipping from Canada is so much cheaper it would be a better deal.