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Jan 7, 2007 05:43 AM

Sydney-Melbourne Cheap Eats

Hi there - This is such a great site that I've just stumbled onto and hope someone can help me out here. We're off to Sydney & Melbourne in April 2007 (first time there) and while we would try to go for places like Tet's, our money won't stretch that far to do all the top names. So can anyone recommend cheap and good eats? The ambience is not that important but more a bonus since great food is our main consideration. We'd try anything. Thanks in advance to those who reply!

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  1. Pacific House seafood ( Melbourne)...packed out everyday, dirt cheap...byo wine...foodie heaven !!
    For Awesome pizza in Melbourne, try cafe Bedda in Northcote ( not sure where u are staying)...this is the best we've had in all of melbourne.It not bargain basement, maybe about $18 aussie for a medium size seafood pizza..but worth every cent.
    For a splurge in melbourne, I'd go to Vue De Monde...but if u are on a budget it will hurt a bit...but they do a great 2 course and glass of wine lunch set menu for like $29 oe $39 aussie, that way u get a tastle without the huge dinner bill..make sure u book in advance.

    1. Hi Pinktori71! Thanks for those two recommendations. If I save up enough of my pennies, I'll try the Vue De Monde too. Looking forward to eating....

      1. Vue De Monde has just opened a bistrot. I had pork and black sausage which was wonderful. My daughter had pigs trotter stuffed with sweet breads - not my favourite but she really enjoyed. They were plats du jour.