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Jan 7, 2007 05:09 AM

Encinitas -- Herschel's Deli

Anyone know what happened to Herschel's? I saw the article where the owner took off after telling the employees the restaurant was closing down for renovations, but I was wondering if anyone knew any follow-up info? Very strange. I was there one day after not having been there for a few years and the next week, POOF!, it was closed forever with the owner and family having up and left with no notice.

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  1. Strange. I went there too and it was just a few days after eating there and there was no one inside, but still pies in the pie case. That happened years ago to a downtown eatery that was popular with the power elite, but the name slips my mind. Anyway, the guy just vanished and all these employees showed up and the place was locked up... customers came too. He's now a security guard downtown. Now I remember.. it was called Leubachs (sp... I think I spelled it wrong)... prounounced lou-boks

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      Lubach's, wasn't that a travesty! Those stuffy old waiters weren't always old--they got old working for that place. It made me wish I could take my money back for the meals we ate there.

    2. The former Herschel's restaurant has been acquired by the Fillipi's italian chain.

      1. My wife and I were regulars there - At least once a week. There was nothing like it in Southern California.

        One night, our regular waiter-friend told us, "We're closing for renovations next week, but will be open again in two weeks."

        Sure enough - The "Closed for renovations" sign appeared, but they never came back.

        The owner of a nearby business said that the owner had some tax problems, and left the country.

        Don't know if that's true, but regardless, the guy hurt a lot of great employees, and very dedicated customers!

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          Well, that does explain a lot, thanks (especially since the newspaper article stated that it looked like the owner & family had even abandoned their house). I do miss those grilled cheese sandwiches & fries I used to get from Herschel's!