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Jan 7, 2007 04:31 AM

Hallmark of St. James 25 y.o.

I was hoping for some guidance. I had a *fantastic* single-malt this afternoon, which I had not previously seen. It was 25 y.o. scotch labelled (Vintage) Hallmark of St. James. What is this scotch, where can I get it etc.? The bottle didn't even indicate what region it is from.

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  1. This is all I was able to find on it.

    I'll see if I can find anything more.

    1. Vintage Hallmark of St. James was a well known liquor store in London. My guess is that what you had was a bottling done by the store. Many stores by their own casks and do their own independent bottlings. Sometimes these are bottled as "mystery malts" without any notation of what distillery the bottling is from. This is usually done pursuant to an agreement with the distillary.

      I believe that the company went bankrupt and I don't know if the store still exists or not. My guess is that finding a bottle of this outside of the UK, even if the store still exists, would be pretty difficult.

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        1. I was wondering where you tried it?

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            At an engagement party. The father of the groom went into a liquor store in Brooklyn, NY and the owner told him he had something fantastic he had to try, so he bought it.

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              Anyway to find out what store? I bought some here in DC where I am, but they do not sell it anymore. Thanks.

          2. Vintage Hallmark Of St James's
            36 St James's Street
            London SW1A 1JF
            telephone: (44) 20 7408 1999

            Keep in mind is is VERY common for individual wine and spirits merchants to bottle their own (or have bottled for them) whiskies, wines, gin, etc., etc. -- especially in the UK. Some of these "buyer's own brands" go on to be very famous among the public at large (such as Cutty Sark and J&B, to name but two). Others do not, yet may be very well known among the "cognoscenti" (for instance, Cadenhead, Gordon & MacPhail, as well as Hallmark of St. James).

            Check out for more information.