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Jan 7, 2007 04:12 AM

Restaurant open Sundays in Clinton District (Portland)

Trying to find a decent bite to eat Sunday night in or very close to the Clinton District. I need to remain in or near the Clinton district as I will be on call. Has anyone tried the new Blue Dragonfly yet? Other ideas of OPEN establishments? Le Pigeon is close enough but not open. Please help!

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  1. Is Vindalho open?
    Pok Pok is closed, darn it.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      No, Vindalho was my first choice, it is exactly in the area I need to stay & I love their Tandori Beef. Very disappointed they do not open Sundays.

    2. Savoy is open. Not very fancy though.

      1. That whole section of town must be deserted on Sundays. It looks to me as if Ken's Place, Nuestra Cocina, and Castagna are all closed on Sundays.

        Cafe Castagna appears to be open, however.

        1. I think Lauro is open

          1. Ended up at the Blue Dragonfly- new spot on 13th & Powell. We went early (5:00) and the dining room wasn't open yet, but the bar was. The bar has a small but decent menu and best of all they offer Happy Hour prices ($2.99 for every food item with purchase of a drink valued at $3.00 or more) so you can afford to taste everything. Thanks for the input, everyone. I look forward to seeing if the Blue Dragonfly dining room is worth the trip!