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Jan 7, 2007 03:32 AM

best use for heavy cream

What's your favorite ways to fresh heavy cream from the farm?
The kind that really focuses on heavy cream and not just have it mixed into soup?

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  1. I'll simply whip it and eat it with fruit. Or spoon it right over my oatmeal.

    1. whipped definitely!!! I'm not much of a cream user (on a diet) but I hear you can use it instead of buttermilk in some recipes....also mixing with yoghurt or sour cream in some recipes....

        1. Mix it with bitter chocolate and make a mousse or ganache

          1. I have it for breakfast thusly:

            1/2 c. heavy cream
            1 egg
            1/4 c. cheap vodka
            1 tsp sugar

            blend in blender until frothy; pour over ice