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Jan 7, 2007 03:08 AM

Kamui Den, Ave. A

I walk by all the time. Anyone been?

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  1. yeah it's good. there's no sushi counter and it's byob which makes the whole experience cheap. but the sushi is of a good quality

    1. Alex, if you're still reading, in one visit so far, I think the place is great.

      I went with a friend. We started by sharing:

      Dengaku (broiled tofu, konnyaku, eggplant, with dengaku miso) and Nimono of sliced beef tongue.

      I then had Kabayaki (broiled eel with unagi sauce) over rice (Does that give it a different name? I'm looking at the menu right now and don't remember.)

      My friend got 5 yellowtail rolls, some sashimi, and Nabeyaki Udon. I had one of the yellowtail rolls and liked it.

      The eel was great, the dengaku was delicious, and the beef tongue nimono was really special - made with lean tongue that was very tender and had a wonderful beefy taste.

      I think this is a terrific restaurant, and since it's so close to my apartment, I will become a regular.

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      1. re: Pan

        Thanks for your reply, Pan. But I moved away (to North Carolina!) before I could try it. Maybe on my next visit north . . .