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Jan 7, 2007 02:47 AM

Jook Please!

A group of my friends wants to try jook for the first time. I'm looking for a good place to introduce jook to them in Oakland/Berkeley. I'm also looking for a jook joint myself.

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  1. Oakland downtown is your best bet. Gold Medal, I think it's called. (A little confusing - there used to be a Gold Medal jook place on the same street which was very good, I guess they moved or something) Nice big bowls of jook, not as thick as Hing Lung's in SF. The recent Hing Lung's jook came with a thick pile of pork shreds in the bottom of the bowl, and I actually like Gold Medal's without the pile. I like their green chili pepper condiment on the table.

    On 8th, between Webster and Franklin.

    Okay. Seems like there's nothing chowhounds haven't written about! I just found a thread. You guys are calling it "New Gold Medal".

    1. Daimo outside of the Pacific East Mall in El Cerrito/Richmond has pretty good jook -- get a side order of the chinese donut wrapped w/ rice noodle while you're at it.

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        Same goes for Daimo in San Leandro (if you're in east oakland it's closer). The jook is great, and so is everything else I've tried there. This place is the real deal.

      2. At New Gold Medal, the breakfast special for $3.99 is a great deal - you get a large bowl of jook (pick from 6 options), plus a couple of side dishes like dry stirfried noodles and a piece of chinese donut to put in the jook. It's offered daily from 9 to 11:30. It is my favorite place for jook in Oakland Chinatown.