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Jan 7, 2007 02:46 AM

Florida Liquor Sales?

Does anyone know the basic rules of thumb regarding package liquor sale in Florida?

More specifically . . .

Our grocery store carries beer and wine but not spirits, and no chilled wine. Same story at our 7-11. A nearby liquor store carries all of course but also does not chill wine or champagne . . .

Do state laws guide which stores can sell certian items, or is it the preference of the store based on their customers, their volume, etc? I have been in other states where beer, wine and liquor all require different licenses and the same places cannot hold all.

Also, does Costco in Florida sell beer / wine / liquor?
And is sale of beer / wine / liquor permitted on Sundays?


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  1. Costco sells wine. Not sure if they also sell beer and liquor. In Broward County you can't buy booze on Sunday before noon. Not sure on whether this varies and why. Get it where and when you can.

    1. Not sure why my earlier post was deleted, but I'll try again.

      Sales of alcoholic beverages in Florida are regulated by the state, the counties and by municipalities.

      Each city and county sets their own days and hours of sales, and they vary -- sometimes wildly -- by location.

      In Florida, hard liquor, or spirits, sales must be maintained separately from a grocery store or any other retail outlet, as is done at many Albertson's that sell hard liquor.

      In Orlando, since you asked specifically, Costco does sell spirits at its Altamonte store. They do not at the UCF area store. I am not sure of their third location here.

      I think the issue of chilled wine and beer sales also varies by store and location. Many if not all the supermarkets and ABC-brand stores I frequent carry chilled beer and wine, however sometimes it is in a separate location than the shelved product.


      1. Thanks guys for the overview . . . my nearest ABC, for example, opens at 2pm on Sunday -- so I thought I'd find the best info here. Good news on that Costco, Orlando is 90 miles for me so I'd like to hit the right one when I make the trip!

        1. if you're going to be in orlando, you should check out "knightly spirits" (on hiawassee in metrowest area)

          they have a beer selection that'll leave your lip draggin the ground.