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looking for good recs for Syracuse

we will be traveling to Syracuse for a week-end in Jan. I am looking for some good to excellent places for lunch and dinner. My taste is sophisticated, so I am not sure what to expect in Syracuse. Any recs are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hmmph. An insinuation that there is no sophistication in Syracuse? Give us a chance! ;)

    Here are some places you might enjoy:

    bc restaurant - they serve lunch and dinner

    Pascale's Bakehouse Cafe - lunch

    La Cena - in nearby Fayetteville, dinner

    L'Adour - breakfast to dinner

    The White Dove Tea Room - lunch

    Enjoy! One of the great things about Syracuse that not many realize is that there are a bunch of great places to eat around here!

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      I agree- and L'Adour has a wonderful brunch. Also- Ambrosia for drinks and dinner (in Armory Sq). Antonio's for good italian (in an upscale setting- - North Salina St.) Just outside Syracuse has a few great spots also, all within 10-20 minutes. Kettle Lakes in Tully, the Inn Between in Camillus, and Rosalie's Cucina in Skaneateles. I'm sure there are websites for these, but you can google them as easily as I can.

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        Thank you so much for your help....I didn't mean to imply that Syracuse did not have great food....but fellow chowhounds didn't seem to mention such great places...Thanks again for your help. I am looking forward to some great meals in Syracuse. L'Adour and bc restaurants should be good dinner places. (L'Adour looks like a great spot for Sunday brunch.)

      2. Sorry to report Kettle Lakes in Tully is no more.

        1. As a quick note, LaCena just closed.

          But if you're in the Fayetteville area, try the Arad Evans Inn.

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            I second the Arad Evans Inn.

            Most of my favorites, when I go up to Syracuse are not gourmet, but are 'good eats'. I like places like Coleman's (Irish), Danzer's (German) and the Dinosaur (Barbecue).

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              Oh no! I just had dinner on my birthday there. How disappointing...

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                Yes, a third for Arad Evans. Kinda staid and hardly eclectic, but very, very good kitchen.

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                  Craftsman house in fayetteville was really good when I went a few yrs ago. I am running out of places to eat well here. I either get sick or the food is not good. I love Dinasaur

              2. I lived in Syracuse for 10 year. Good luck finding any noteable food there. You should just go to Dinasaur BBQ. It's not gourmet food, but at least they're serious about it.

                1. Forget to mention LemonGrass-238 Bistro: very good, high end Thai/Asian cuisine. Great wine list and service. They have a website also.

                  1. Now, there's always Doug's Fish Fry. It is NOTHING for ambience (sort of cafeteria style), but amazingly fresh, simple, yummy, high-quality fish. (They receive it off the docks from Boston 5 times per week.) If you're stuck on lunch one day, you may want to try it.


                    1. Lemon Grass / 238 Bistro, B.C., L'Adour and Dinosaur are all very good. All but Dinosaur are relatively high end. I think Pascales is a waste of a fine evening. Arad Evans is OK but nothing special. If you want Italian, go to Utica. There is no good Italian in Syracuse. I have not been to Doug's in years, because it was really bad the last time I was there. Some folks like it. Danzer's is OK for a burger and a beer. I don't care for Coleman's

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                        WE were impressed with Pascales a few yrs ago and returned last night for a terrible meal and overcharged drinks. My salmon was inedible -salty like someone marinated it in 10 lbs of salt. And when we brought up the overcharge on drinks we were shunned. Inn between is good and has always been my favorite until one valentines meal with terrible service.

                      2. Thanks to all you tristate chowhounds...I have a better idea of what to expect for meals...if only I could find a rest. which allows dogs (the real hound).

                        1. I'm heading to Syracuse for the Saturday night at L'Adour. Am told to expect greatness.

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                            Ohlala, please post and let me know about your dining experience.Thanks

                          2. Saturday night "fine dining" on 2nd floor at L'Adour. Outstanding. Memorable. Scrumptious. Worth every penny.
                            In the fine dining room there are two fixed price menus -- $54 for 3 courses or $69 for the grand tasting menu. We went with the latter plus the $30 wine pairing. We received 8 courses plus desserts each paired with wine. (the chef gave us an extra fish dish, amuse bouche with a comped 1/2 bottle of Veuve Cliquot to start)
                            Amuse bouche of salmon wrapped around circle of a cucumber cream served w/ a slice of duck prosciutto. After that every course came with an amazing sauce, beautiful presentation, and a distinctive wine that paired beautifully w/ each dish, was explained by the sommelier and was wonderful. Both food and wine were outstanding. Service was fine; room is pretty.

                            Lobster ravioli in a light cream sauce that was scrumptious, scallop w/ caramelized endive (outstanding!), sweetbreads w/ fresh porcini (my first taste ever of sweetbreads or fresh porcini -- wow!), Sea bass, cod w/ peppers, then a meat course (we had duck and veal substituted easily for proffered venison on tasting menu), rasberry sorbet served w/ rasberry vodka poured on top, cheese course, then a couple desserts. Fabulous.

                            It took hours and we enjoyed ourselves immensely and then chatted w/ Yann, friendly chef-owner afterwards.
                            They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. We looked over the menus for all meals in 1st floor bistro. If I lived there I would be immense and eat there all the time!