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Jan 7, 2007 02:32 AM

please help! I am looking for a nutmeg grater that has a cup/catch on the back.

I am looking for a nutmeg grater that has a cup/catch on the back. Like the one that Alton Brown used on his show about eggnog. The cover for the grater could be put on the back of the grater to catch the nutmeg. tia for any help!!!

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  1. I don't know about a grater with a catch like youre talking about, but, Williams Sonoma makes an adorable nutmeg grater that works like a pepper grinder. My mom and grandma both love theirs,

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      Not what the OP is looking for, but I have that too and absolutely love it. It stores and maintains the freshness of the whole nutmeg, and it's so simple to use - just a couple of turns, especially for garnishing things like eggnog.

    2. sugarcanejane, Is this the grater that you are seeking? I have a similar grater, but I have found that a micro-plane does much better job. The little storage cup is cute, but whole nutmegs need to be stored in a airtight jar.

      1. Like this?

        I have a different model that is also a Microplane grater with cover and a cup to hold the grated nutmeg, and I love it.

        1. I found mine in a dollar store .... years ago though....Williams-Sonomas is quite cute but it's like a pepper technically it'll work as a store/use vessel which is what you're looking for...try loblaws as well maybe they have it...if not Kitchen Stuff Plus or Natural Solutions. Good Luck!

          1. I have he Microplane nutmeg grater and like it. I has a cup to catch the grated nutmeg, and you can also store your nutmegs in it.


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              It looks a bit different than the one I saw, but I like the design better. Could this be used for zest???

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                I think it's too fine for grating zest. I have 2 other Microplanes that I use as well - one for zest (I bleieve they call it the fine zester/grater) and one for cheeses and choclate (which is the fine ribbon grater, i think). My Microplanes are the thin ones with black handles. I got them as a gift from my Mom, who, I'm sure, bought them from QVC. I don't see this particular set available at either QVC or amazon

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                  Microplane makes several different models, and even uses different packaging for identical models, just to be confusing!

                  The small one pictured above is easly cupped in the hand, takes up little storage room. The black covered cup is for storage of whole nutmegs. The clear side is supposed to be for catching the grinds, but since I don't measure nutmeg, I just use it to store my nut-in-use, and grate directly into the cooking pot or bowl.

                  Runs $10.00 regular retail. Got mine at a local cooking shop but have seen them discounted at outlet mall cooking stores for 1/2 that price.