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Jan 7, 2007 02:03 AM

Best Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong

I'm looking for a great Japanese restaurant in HK that isn't located in a shopping mall or hotel. We're looking for great food and atmoshpere but doesn't have to be fancy. I read someplace that Fuji Japanese Restaurant in Causeway Bay is really good. Anybody tried it?

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  1. Fuji? I have never heard of it and can't find it on restaurant search engines either. Are you sure about the name?

    What type of Japanese food are you looking for?

    1. To be honest most of the Japanese restaurants outside of hotels are pretty similar. Nothing too special or spectacular. All pretty much serving the standard fare. If you were looking for a great Japanese restaurant in HK, I would reconsider visiting one in a hotel...

      When I was growing up in HK, my family and I would go to this big Japanese restaurant underneth the highway in Causewaybay(close to Banana Leaf), called Sushiya or something like that. It was on the corner. It used to be my favorite restaurant. But after visiting so many other Japanese restaurants all over the world, its really hard to go back to a place like that, not because the food is bad, but because its pretty standard fare.

      There is this place opposite TimesSquare, in this building where there are restaurants on each floor (close to the KFC) the japanese restaurant there is pretty good, its a chain. Again its nothing special, it does have a few interesting items, but like all the other HK japanese restaurants, its pretty standard.

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        I go to Hong Kong once a year for three weeks mainly for food. Every time the prices are higher and the portion is getting smaller mainly of the high cost of rent as the property developers in Hong Kong are blood suckers. Nademan is good for Teppanyaki not for anything else.Go there for lunch as most five stars hotels in the Admiralty have excellent value for set lunch. Causeway Bay has a good Japanese restaurant for sashime on Lock Hart Rd near Percival Street by the name of Tomokazu since 1983. Expect to pay for US$ 400.00 for all the awesome sashime. I had something filled up before I went there as otherwise I can go all the way for US$ 700.00 plus! People are willing to pay for premium food in Hong Kong as it is once a year occasion to me. The good rule is if the service is good, then the food would be terrible and hardly both service and food would score high marks. There is a very nice won ton noodle shop in Procival Street by the name of Chee Kee, always full with customers and the portion is so small and I would order three before I leave. It is not bad at all for HK$ 200.00 because I do not get this kind of food in Vancouver, Canada. I always save all my money for Hong Kong trip since I am 60 years old and do not do any shopping at all. I go there just for the nice food and enjoy the ride of the tram. My hotel is also good value located in Sheung Wan by the name of Island Pacific owned by the same group of Conrad Hong Kong and Fullerton Singapore.Forget Yung Kee and go to Mira Restaurant in IFC or Hotel Miramar on Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. As far as shark's fin soup, I would go to the China Town in Bangkok because they are the best but again not cheap. Do not eat any steak there because it is small and expensive. Have them in the US before you go there and the MacDonald has the cheapest Big Mac in the world. The best time to go is between November and early April.

      2. I think the hotels probably have the most decent restaurants. The Japanese in Grand Hyatt is good, and the one in Marco Polo Kowloon hotel has a really great lunch special deal. That one is good.

        1. Thanks everyone for the ideas. It turns out that Fuji is no more -- we went there on the hope it was still open, but to no avail. We ended up at a perfectly mediocre place up the street. I think next time we'll try one of the suggestions you all provided!

          1. s0memale> When were you in HK? Japanese restaurants in HK might not be that great 15 years ago but there are tons of great Japanese restaurants now. Sushiya and Iccho, the one across from Times Square, are not considered good restaurants and no wonder you would consider them to be standard. That's like comparing Watami with Kitcho in Tokyo.

            For hotel restaurants, Nadaman in Shangri-La and Inagiku in TST are both good. I actually don't like Kaetsu in the Grand Hyatt that much since i find the food average but at exorbitant prices. For sushi, I would suggest Kenjo, Imamura or Harakan. For tempura, I would suggest Inagiku or Ten Yoshi. For robatayaki, Harakan and Robatayaki are both good. Lots of new yakiniku places but haven't find something i like yet. There are some good izakaya and yakitori places around TST and Causeway Bay as well.

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              Where are some of these restaurants?I will definitely check them out when I am in HK later this month....

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                hi hk traveler, on my last trip to HK I had some amazing Japanese food. Harakan would be the one that stands out most.

                definitely interested in checking out some yakiniku places, I don't recall seeing any, did you mind sharing some names/address?

                should be headed back to hk next jan or feb. Thanks!

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                  盛八日式燒肉店, 伊呂波燒肉, 和幸燒肉

                  Dont' remember which one was good though. I think it was the middle one. You can find reviews on