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Jan 7, 2007 01:30 AM

Luna Park recs?

I'm going to a birthday dinner at Luna Park tomorrow and I was wondering what stands out on their menu. I searched the board a bit and found recs for the mac & cheese, goat cheese fondue, pork cutlet, and s'mores. Anything else of note?

Any items without cheese that are delicious? The SO dislikes it for some reason that I will never understand.

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  1. burger and/or a steak - culotte or flatiron, i can't recall which, served w. caramelized onions (hold the cheese if they offer it).

    Do not be, um, cowed by the anti-cheesist. Get the goat cheese fondue.

    And a martini - they're BIG and very cold. And wet. And delicious.

    1. I agree - the goat cheese fondue is a must-try. When I went to Luna Park with my ex, also an anti-cheesist, he loved it! We also enjoyed a ridiculous cocktail - can't remember the name, but it's the only on on the menu intended for two, with a volcano in the middle. You can't miss it!

      1. I always get the Nicoise Salad, and my husband always orders the seabass. And don't forget the s'mores for dessert!

        1. Last time I was there the bartender made a drink he called a "Chappquidick" (sp?). Muddled orange, lime, and cranberries, with vodka and I don't remember what else, topped with champagne. A definite winner. And FWIW, I was disappointed by the s'mores, but loved the caramel apple fondue for dessert.

          1. Goat cheese fondue and the s'mores. My husband had the hanger steak and it was great, too. I really enjoyed my Mojito.