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Jan 7, 2007 01:25 AM

dinner recs between Lancaster and Wilmington

I am going to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington and looking for dinner between Lancaster and Wilmington. I know I was on Rt. 1, Rt. 202, Lancaster Ave., and Concord Pike the last time I took the roundabout way to Wilmington. So anything along that way would be great.

Especially looking for good barbeque, good beer, Brazilian, or sushi. Any other ideas would be appreciated also.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you take rt. 1 to 52 (which will take you right into the city), you'll pass Buckley's Tavern as you're on your way through Centreville / Greenville. This might fit the bill -- good pub food with a more creative bent than usual. And plenty of beer to choose from.

    I also like Pizza by Elizabeth's, also off 52, but this doesn't match any of your 'especially's'. Good gourmet pizzas and salads, excellent soups and desserts, quaint, 'cute' atmosphere.

    There's also Toscana's in the Trolley Square area for higher-end Italian dining.

    202 off of route 1 is more or less a culinary wasteland, so you may want to avoid that area if you're looking for something that isn't a chain. There is a brew house inbetween the north and south lanes of 202 that I went to once long ago and it was okay (just didn't have enough vegetarian on the menu for me to go back) -- the parking lot is always packed (but then again so is the lot for Olive Garden, Friday's, Red Lobster, et. al.).

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      Thank you so much for the great suggestions. I checked out the menus online and they all look great. Nothing too pretentious but certainly creative.

      52 was the way I was supposed to take last time but got lost with Yahoo's directions and wound up down 202. Looks like 52 is the way to go.

      1. re: aekb2006

        Glad to be of help! The turn-off for 52 can be easy to blip past -- it's a gentle right just after Longwood Gardens, so once you start seeing signs for that, make sure you're alert... Be interested to hear where you end up and what you thought!

    2. There's a relatively new place closer to Lancaster you might want to check out. It's called Asian Bistro and it's right on Rt. 30 in the same shopping center as Applebees, Fudrucker's, etc. They have a nice sushi menu and also a Thai menu. I've eaten there several times now, and have always been pleased with both the food and the service, which is VERY good. Oh, and it's BYO -- ALWAYS a plus in my book.

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        Thanks. I wanted to try something a little further away since we can always go to places here. But I hadn't heard anything about Asian Bistro and my husband and his coworkers are always up for sushi. I prefer Thai. We'll have to give it a try. I was a little gunshy because the last two places that opened in that building were horrible and dirty, or so I heard.

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          I don't blame you. You're right about the former occupants -- the places looked so gross from the outside, I was never even tempted to venture inside either of those two places. But Asian Bistro has done a total renovation inside and out, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

          I find myself in that vicinity all too often because my husband's company is in York, and when he has to be there for an entire week, we often meet for a midweek dinner somewhere in Lancaster, which is about the halfway point for us. Considering the lack of decent restaurants in that outlet mecca, Asian Bistro has been a find for us. I just hope they have enough business to remain open. As you know, it's tucked away in the back of that group of restaurants, and people who eat in that area seem to prefer the chains to the independent restaurants. Even that Italian restaurant in the back there -- Italian Villa -- isn't bad, considering the alternatives.

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            An echo of thanks for these recommendations -- always looking for places to try with the in-laws in Lancaster that are safe enough for them, but interesting enough for us... Kudos!

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              Just a note to say that we did try Asian Bistro on our last trip out to Lancaster, and it was a very welcome change from all the chain restaurants up that direction. The soup and sushi were excellent and the entree was fair (sauce was a little too gloopy/sweet for my tastes, but I'll know better how to order next time). The unadventurous in-laws loved it, but so did we. Maybe this place does have a chance at sticking around in Lancaster for awhile?

              1. re: spyturtle008

                I was just there this past Tuesday. It was still pretty empty (maybe 3-4 other tables filled), but the food was wonderful. Tell all your friends to try it; gotta drum up some business for them so they'll stay in the neighborhood.

      2. You could detour a bit to Kennett Square and then head up Rt. 41. The Half Moon and Sovana Bistro in town are both pretty good. The Rt. 202 corridor is a haven for fast food addicts but a dead space for foodies.

        1. We do like the Corner Bistro on Silverside just off 202. Casual but good food, wine, Dogfish Head beer and great desserts.

          1. I guess if you're looking for sushi, you could get very decent sushi at Okura in Hockessin, DE on Rt. 41 or at Mikimoto's in Wilmington, or Jasmine on Rt. 202. I know of no Brasilian food in Wilmington, nor can I think of any BBQ places (except if you want Korean BBQ then I'd go to Kalbi in Elsmere).