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Deep Fried Pickles!!! Where are they?

I've recently been craving deep fried pickles from my university days...I have yet to find them in Toronto, or the GTA.

Can any of the "Chowhounds" help me out?

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  1. I *THINK* Hooters has them.

    1. I've never even heard of such a thing.

      ...I will try this at home.

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        They are sliced, battered and fried. Popular in New Orleans. Maybe Cajun Corner would make them.

        1. re: deelicious

          See, I was picturing an entire dill pickle deep fried. But the slices seem like a much better and easier idea.. ;)

          1. re: NovoCuisine

            Thats why I mentioned it. I expected the same when I first ordered them. You can experiment with very thin slices like dill chips as well as thicker. In fact I remember a resto that made them like spears. Slices were the best IMO.

        1. re: orangewasabi

          at Turtle Jack's their spears, not slices. They were okay, but not amazing. I went there specifically because of this thread though. Ahhh, the power of chow!

          1. What kind of batter are they dipped in?

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              I can't remember -- it's kinda crunchy i.e. not smooth / tempura like. Turtle Jack's has a website but I don't want to go look as the music is SO loud and I can't find the off switch.

            2. I'm not sure about other areas of the country, but I've never made them "battered". I've only seen/made them with just a flour coating (flour on bottom of bowl, handful of pickles, flour on top, cover and shake like the dickens), fried in lard and a side of bleu cheese. Good stuff.

              1. Do you mean like deep fried dill pickles? What's the batter?....must now go to Hooters in search of deep fried pickles....

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                  Dont want to get in the way of a "good time" but I dont see them here. http://www.hooters.to/toronto/toronto...

                  But yes they are fried dills.

                2. They have them at Dave and Busters and Turtle Jacks

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                    There was a place downtown that had deep fried pickle spears (1/4 of a pickle). Crocodile Rock or something like that near the club district. Not sure if that's the right place.


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                        The ones that I had were battered...alot like zuccini sticks...and they were whole pickles...

                        I'm really hoping for somewhere other than Hooters...but I guess it's not really a gourmet dish...

                  2. I was only there once, but I think Einstein's, on college across from the u of t, has them. It wasa few years ago, but I think they were a staple of the menu. Can't remember the batter etc.

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                    1. Not sure if you want to make the drive - but in London, Ontario - the TJ Baxter's on Richmond has them on the menu last time I was there (summer) and so that your drive isn't a complete waste you can stroll over to Tannenbaum's which is kitty corner to TJ's for a deep fried mars bar.

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                        TJ Baxter's is actually where I used to eat them! Deep Fried Mars Bar?! Sounds delicious!

                      2. These are a Southern thing, not a Cajun thing. You can often find them as a side to fried catfish. They're very tasty.

                        I've made them at home. The batter is basically half flour, half cornmeal. The cornmeal gives it a real crispy crunch. Just season it as you like, (S&P, BBQ, Cajun, whatever). Dredge 1/2" think pickle slices in flour, buttermilk and then the cornmeal/flour batter. Deep fry until GB&D


                        1. The original place that had them in TO, iirc, was the late and much-lamented Loose Moose on Adelaide Street West.

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                            And the old Lime Rickeys had them too.

                            1. re: Lipant

                              oh gosh, I had forgotten about Lime Rickey's! I think I liked those sour slushes

                          2. the spotted dick on bloor at church had them last time i was there.

                            1. A little late in posting but I was google searching....There is a little pub on the main street in Creemore, sorry I forget the name...just down the street from the brewery and they are excellent there..the full pickle and crunchy (I think they may use Japanese bread crumbs)

                              1. The used to have whole fried dill pickles at The Duke of Westminster at First Cdn Place. They were fantastic. We used to there when the craving hit and then one day they disappeared from the menu. I'd love to find them again.

                                1. Try Barrio Lounge at Queen and Logan, just had an order there two weeks ago. They are amazing along with all the other food there.

                                  1. The greatest little pub in Toronto, Cloak & Dagger, at College just east of Bathurst has them on the menu. I had them about three weeks ago, and they were heart-attack worthy. Awesome! Done in a fluffy, tempura-like beer batter, they come with a mayo based dipping sauce that has a nice little bite.
                                    They also have deep fried mars bars for desert. Great draught list as well!

                                    1. Had them last night at O'Grady's on Church street last night.

                                      Very intersting...but tasty....never would have thought

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                                        with ranch dip....about the only thing at o'grady' s i will eat....

                                      2. Yellow Griffin in Bloor West Village serves up deep fried pickles, not on the menu but they'll be happy to serve them up
                                        they also make 35 different types of burgers (lamb, chicken, beef and veggie)

                                        1. Frans at Yonge and Front has them, I think they have a few other locations too...

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                                            Caplansky's Deli, 356 College at Brunswick, has killer fried pickles. They know their pickles...

                                            1. re: PoppiYYZ

                                              Yeah, they are good. One order is almost a meal for 2 people :)

                                          2. A recipe for making your own deep fried pickles has been moved to the Home Cooking board. You can find the thread at the link below:


                                            1. It may be way out of your way, but there's a little food stand called The Rooster in Uxbridge (Leaskdale Rd and Durham Road 1 behind the Esso/General store). They make really good fried pickles! Hot, crispy and well seasoned, with a side of Ranch dressing on the side. My kids love going there for a treat.

                                              1. Best I've ever had came from the Cloak and Dagger on College. Which also has a great beer selection.

                                                1. burger cellar at yonge and lawrence

                                                  1. The Jason George pub at Jarvis and Front Street East has them on the menu as an appetizer. They're quite greasy and unhealthy but if you're in the right mood they can be satisfying.

                                                    The Jason George
                                                    100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A1E1, CA

                                                    1. Wild Wings sells them. Can't vouch for the taste as I've never had them but thought I'd pass the info on. :)

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                                                        Make sure if you're calling in an order that they know that you want the deep fried dill pickles, not the dill pickle flavoured wings (or vice versa). I wasn't too happy once to get home and find that I had an order of the pickles instead of the dill pickle wings (although the pickles themselves were still good).

                                                      2. Driving to the cottage (not exactly GTA) I see them being offered from the various chip trucks that dot the landscape. On highway 7 going to Lindsay there's a popular chip truck called M.D. Fries and they sell deep fried pickles. As a tradition we usually stop at this spot for a heaping amount of poutine (made with real curds!). They also sell deep fried Mars bars, deep fried pineapple rings and deep fried marshmallows which are the size of baseballs.

                                                        1. London Pub- has them...in Richmond hill- quite good actually.
                                                          Turtle Jacks has great ones- where ever their branches are.
                                                          Unionville Arms pub- fabulous anything has them.

                                                          Happy dillin'

                                                          1. Holy Chuck has them and they are really good. While you're there be sure to get a milkshake - they're amazing! I had nutella and salted caramel.

                                                            1. Beast Restaurant has AMAZING deep fried pickles.


                                                              1. Bar Hop has them. I don't care for pickles but my girlfriend gets them frequently when we're there.