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Jan 7, 2007 12:21 AM

Ichi Riki in Elmsford

We have been eating in Ichi Riki for many, many years. Today we had lunch and noticed that only one of the regular 3 sushi chefs was there. My husband asked the owner lady what was going on. She said she sold the place and is only there to watch over the transition. She mentioned that the other 2 sushi chefs had quit== nobody likes the new owner! A word of warning, I see changes, and not for the better.

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  1. Thanks for the [very disappointing] news! I've been going there for years as well and truly enjoyed one of the few authentic Japanese owned Japanese restaurants in Westchester.

    1. That's too bad... we like Yamada in Pleasantville and Yama in Briarcliff, if that's helpful to you in the future.

      Nancy C

      1. Other than Azuma in Hartsdale, I've not been impressed with any other sushi. With that said, I've fully enjoyed cooked dishes at Tsuru in Hartsdale. Their Mini Kaiseki and daily specials are pretty good. I went to Fujinoya in Hartsale for the first time on Friday night and it was very good. They even serve battera-style sushi which is hard to find even in Manhattan. The dishes are a bit expensive but [Westchester] beggars can't be choosers.

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          pabboy, have you been to sushi nanase (in white plains) for sushi?

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            Not yet. The reviews seem to be pretty mixed. At Sushi Nanase price point I'd much rather get the Omakase at Blue Ribbon, Nobu, Gari, Yasuda or Morimoto and make it a night in the city. Hanging out in White Plains after a meal like that just isn't appealing to me.

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              i respectfully disagree with you :) i rather let a sublime sushi dinner stand for itself, and be able to reflect on a wonderful dinner and not be distracted by post-dinner activities. then again, maybe i'm just an old hag since i get enough city time by working here every day?? :)

              nanase for us was more expensive, but it was because we kept ordering more uni and otoro :) (very gluttonous, i know!) in any case, the higher price point is worth it to us--the little touches of flavor they add to the sushi, the quality of the fish and the intimateness of the restaurant.

              we usually order a la carte and shy away from the sushi/sashimi combinations. i think the tasting menu is around $85. definitely try nanase and let me know what you think! (but make reservations!)

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                I'll take you up on that and report back. Might be a while though.

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                  just visited toyo in mamaroneck, posted my review over here:

                  i think it's about the same price range as azuma, so give that one a try as well :)

        2. I like Takayama in Chappaqua and Kira Sushi in Armonk is very good.

          1. I, too, noticed that something was amiss when my favorite chef wasn't there to greet me last Friday night, when I went in for my post-work solo sushi fix. I always sit at the sushi counter, next to the window, and he was always there with a nice smile, and great sushi. He completely endeared himself to me a few months ago when he remembered that I like extra ginger with my sushi -and I was only a "semi-regular," going in once a month or less, and hadn't been in for a few months!!

            When I asked where he was on Friday, they told me that he had quit, but didn't offer details. I didn't know it was being sold. It was always such a pleasant, serene place to unwind after a hectic day at work, enjoying my sushi, sake and reading.