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Jan 7, 2007 12:14 AM

Best caracol (conch) in the Yucatan?

I'm a big conch fan, usually ceviche or al mojo de ajo. I return to Yucatan next week for 2 weeks, and I need my fix. My last trip was February, and the restaruant in Puerto Morelos, by the marina, had not been rebuilt since the hurricane, but in my experience it served the best caracol al mojo de ajo I have ever eaten. Is it back? Also, Bob's Marley Bar (sic) on Cozumel was under reconstruction. I had always regarded its conch ceviche as the best anywhere. The only conch I had on that trip was at Plaza Leza on the square in San Miguel, Cozumel, and it was so tough I did not finish the order. It used to be good there. I'll be based in Playa del Carmen, where it is not really featured anywhere that I know of. HELP!!! I need snails!!!

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  1. I wasn't lucky enough to eat Caracoles last time I was at the Rivier Maya (mostly around Tulum where it doesn't find its way very much)... but my relatives from Mexico City rave about the places around Progreso (30 minutes north of Merida).

    You up for a day trip?

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      Hey, Eat_Nopal, thanks for weighing in. Methinks my request may be a little too narrow, judging by the paucity of the replies. The Progresso-Merida-Chichen-Itza area is pretty neat and I'm acquainted with it. A neat spot I recommend off the Cancun-Merida highway is Holbox island, to the north. For those who go : beware! don't take the cuota road from Cancun; there is no exit for the road to Holbox. I had to drive all the way to Vallodolid and return on the libre road, which added 110 kilometers to the trip. One must take the libre road from Cancun. Holbox has a large fleet of rustic fishing boats that provide a lot fish for the Cancun market. Very beautiful.

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        Hey Veggo, have you ever eaten Sopa de Caracol, estilo Hondureño? Friends prepared it for me once and I've never forgotten it: caracol, coco rallado o leche de coco, chile verde, plátano verde, etc--my goodness, this soup is something unforgettably delicious.

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            And I bet it smells wonderful while its cooking. Thanks, Cristina.I I leave tomorrow; I'll keep my ojos open!