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Jan 7, 2007 12:05 AM

Delicious but cheap places to eat in London? do they exist?

does anyone know of any affordable places to eat in London that are yummy? we are going in May...thank you!

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  1. It depends what you consider 'affordable.' What's not expensive to one person is over the top for another. It would help if you tell people what type of food you like and how much you'd want to spend.

    1. Gaby's on Charing Cross Road (hole in the wall/lunch venue really) does large portions of delicious middle-eastern oriented food for tiny money.
      Just to the west in Chinatown at lunchtime, pick a small restaurant with mostly Chinese characters in the window, ignore the offered menu and ask for the set lunch. You'll get tea, soup and meat with rice and veg (and fab chili sauce) for about a fiver.

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      1. Taste of Food on Neal St. has nice vegetarian offerings.

        1. cheap won't be cheap once you convert to USD, so you're going to have to take a deep breath and ignore the terribly low dollar. don't convert.
          lots of cheap places...give us some parameters re: where you're staying, what your budget is, etc. and we can give you some good recs.
          in the meantime, check out for good deals (set menus, 50% off, etc) and for user reviews...

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            Thank you, we are staying in Knightsbridge, near Barkston Gardens..we are game to try any food that is yummy, and stay around 60 dollars for a meal

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              It's not my end of town, but definitely check out the Harrod's food hall. Good place to grab a picnic lunch. May should be a nice time for a picnic.

              In South Ken, try The Scarsdale for lunch or dinner...nice cozy pub
              Also, the Admiral Codrington

              Drop us a line closer to your never know what might have changed by then!

              Oh, and if the dollar continues the way it's going, £15 a person (for dinner particularly) might be a little hard, assuming you are drinkers...

          2. If you are going to be in London for more than a few days, you might want to think about buying a copy of TimeOut's "Cheap Eats in London." You can buy it online at for about $10-$12.

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