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Jan 6, 2007 11:35 PM

Removing a "burned in spot" from my ceramic electric stove-help

Tried barkeepers friend,BKF in a paste,tried the goop that comes with the stovetop,tried scraping with a razors edge, tried banging my head against the stove (no luck either!)
any ideas????thanks!

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  1. Easy off fume free (not really) oven cleaner, I use it all the time. It does not require heat.

    When scraping with a razor, do make sure you do it wet or else you'll scratch the surfice.

    1. Thanks - I'll try it today!

      1. The best stove top cleaner I have found is Cerama-Brite. Plus a razor blade, of course. Try not to let spills stay on too long. BTW, speaking of ceramic stoves, a warning: I once laid a hot steamy lid on my stove top and it created such a suction that it cracked the stove top. Lay a lid down so part of it is over the edge, with air underneath.

        1. My parents had a ceramic stove top for 35 years (they got one of the first). Never used anything but Bon Ami and it is still spotless.