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Favourite Montreal Food Items

So we say it all the time, we have the best city for food, cuisine and anything gastronimical. But what food items, places or people really helped solidify this reputation bestowed upon Montreal, in your opinion. I can think of many, but the one that really gets me everytime is La Vieille Europe. It's like a slice of Europe in the middle of heart of the trendy area filled with interesting people of various backgrounds who can all congregate outside in the middle of winter with espressos and exchange in a variety of languages.

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  1. I love the olive barrels and the great coldcuts at the Vielle Europe, and I would probably go more often if I lived around the corner.

    We live around the corner from the bakery "Le Fromentier" on Laurier Est and to put it simply, we know the staff and they know us (that's how often we go). I would say it is probably impossible to find a better bakery in Montreal let alone Canada. Whenever we have guests we always go and get bread and pastries for breakfast from Le Fromentier....and everyone who eats breakfast with us always remarks that they would never ever be able to find bread so good in Ottawa or Toronto....(and that they love Montreal).....

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      I haven't noticed a price increase, but we don't always buy the same bread, so the total always fluctuates.....but we were this evening and everything seemed as per usual....
      On the other hand, what and where is this "Qui lait cru!?"

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        It's at the new extention(opened around 2 years ago) of the Jean-Talan Market.

    2. Since you're a regular at Le Fromentier, could you tell me if there's been a price hike on bread recently. I used to buy some Fromentier bread at Qui lait cru!? but when I went this weekend there had been a huge price increase on pastries and bread. Since I wasn't able to speak with the owners yesterday I was wondering if you had any details on that.


      1. I also live near Le Fromentier and aside form their amazing bread, I'm also going nuts over la Queue de cochon's bacon which is the same price of grocery store bacon but miles ahead in terms of taste and quality. I'm also a regular at Maison du rôti where they're always helpful. But the true Montreal fixture has to be JTM.

        1. The almond cookies at Alati in St-Leonard - on Wednesdays when they are fresh. You couldn't pay me enough to share.

          1. As a former Montrealer who comes back home every 6-8 months, the food items that I miss the most are Rockaberry pies...smoke meat from Schwartz...the bagels...and the bread from Premier Moissons.

            1. Tabouli from Al-Taib. I make my own, but I still bring this home by the bucketful. Bagels. Le Fromentier chocolate bread. Villa Souvlaki. Anything from La Dépense in JTM.

              1. Adonis marinated chicken as well as their olive and nut counter

                1. The gyro at Village Grec may not be unique to this city, but it is damn good.

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                  1. Saveurs du marche at Atwater - need I say more?

                    1. We had delicious terrine de lapin aux noisettes from Le Fromentier the other day. It was excellent.

                      In the same neighbourhood, I love the bakery Saveurs du Plateau. Their cakes are phenomenal.

                      One of my favourite things about Montreal is the ice cream. I love Bilboquet, Meu Meu, and Havre aux Glaces.

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                        Just to clarify, the terrine wasw not from Le Fromentier as they only make baked goods. It was from La Queue de cochon which also had an outlet on St-Hubert just south of Beaubien.

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                          Right. From the counter across from the cheese. Yum.