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Jan 6, 2007 11:21 PM

Calgary - private room for 35-person wedding reception?

A friend has recently had to cancel her big wedding plans and is now planning a dinner reception for 30-40 people in Calgary. Anybody have any great suggestions? Probably looking at about $50/person for three courses (salad/soup, main and a dessert), plus booze. No specific food in mind, open to a lot of different things - but probably sort of 'main stream' to please a variety of palates and those who are traditional meat and potatoes people. No specific location in mind, though somewhat inner city is likely preferred.

I think as it will be a wedding reception, having a private room would be best. It's planned for a Saturday evening towards the end of April.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Divino has private rooms of varying sizes that would be appropriate. When i was doing Christmas party research, i discovered that they had a $1500 minimum for Sunday - Wednesday, and a $2000 minimum from Thu-Sat. If it's 40 people, this would fit at your $50 per person limit.

    It likely wouldnt cover the cost of booze, but im not sure if the 50 per person was expected to cover that.

    Rouge has a few rooms that would fit as well, and i like their food a bit better, but are pricier., and likely out of the stated price range.

    Im sure other people will have other recco's, but those would be my two favorites.

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      The wedding I went to at Rouge was astounding; they did the ceremony on the lawn, then did passed food and a pasta station rather than a full sit-down meal. Doing it that way was probably cheaper than the sit-down, but seriously, it's one of exactly two weddings I've been to in the last decade where I remember the food. (The other one was all home-cooked Lebanese food.)

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        In the last issue of Avenue MAgazine (not january february) they have a whole article about restaurants that can host large groups. I am pretty sure that it is available online. If not, I can try and find it for you. Let me know

        1. re: alex8alot

          Hi Alex8alot,

          I would be interested in the article -- do you still have it? I'm looking for a reception venue myself.


          1. re: kingdomofsc

            hi kingdomofsc

            so sorry, of course I just threw it out last week. I even sent the man-servant (husband) out to the bin to check but it was gone. I looked online but they don't have backissues on the website. good luck!

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              I just remembered that one of the suggestions was Wildwood. They have a pricate room in the back that can seat 25 people? That is a guess. I have never had dinner there, but I love their brunch. Perhaps you can ask for more info from the CHs if you are interested in that place. I thought that the room looked quite nice.

      2. re: yen

        I actually thought of Rouge, too (hubby and I got engaged there and we love it), but it is out of the price range for the bride-to-be. I'll have her look into Divino. I also thought of Bonterra and it turns out the wine room there holds 40 people and appears to have a minimum charge of $2500 on a Saturday night and the bride says she's comfortable with that.

        And no, it'll likely be in the $50/person range, plus booze.

        1. re: LittleMrs

          If i was to choose between paying $2000 for Divino on a Sat, or $2500 for Bonterra, i can guarantee you i'd be going to Divino. I've had company functions at Bonterra, and while the food was ok, i wouldnt want them to cater my wedding. I'd go to Capo for that!

      3. I know it's probably at the top end of the spectrum, but Teatro recently just opened a private room called the "Opera Room". It seats i think about 50 comfortably. We just had our christmas party in there and it was quite nice. It's a dark room with large windows and a bar where the wall behind can change colors. Depending on when they want the wedding, they might be flexible about dropping or lowering the minimum room charge.

        1. You should definetly go to the Raw Bar at the Hotel Arts!
          It is a beautiful restaurant and it has a private upper area that over looks the restaurant that can hold up to 35 people.
          The food is delicious and the staff are wonderful.
          They were actually names as the best new restaurant in calgary by John Gilchrist!

          1. The upstairs room at Embarcadero can handle up to 40 and the custom menus are within the price range. Click on group menus at

            1. I'd also like to suggest Sugo in Inglewood. They will book the whole main restaurant for 40ish people and the food is fantastic!