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Amazing Pho in LA?

I've tried the pho at Pho Cafe, Indochine Vien, and Gingergrass and am not impressed with any. The broth is not as rich or flavorful as some of the Pho I've had on the East Coast. (Namely Pho Pasteur in Boston - yum!). Any suggestions?

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  1. My current favorite is Pho So 1 in Van Nuys, at Sepulveda and Victory.

    I haven't been to the restaurants you name, but their names strike me as somewhat catering more to a Western clientele, or trying for a more upscale vibe. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions here, but that's just my initial take.

    Try instead Pho 99 in Chinatown. There's another one in West LA on Wilshire.

    I haven't been to the one in Chinatown, but 'hounds here rave about it. I don't think the West LA branch holds up against Pho So 1.

    For comparison purposes, there's a Pho 999 across the street from Pho So 1.

    Or go to Orange County, to Little Saigon in Westminster.

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    1. There's a Pho Pasteur on Valley Blvd in Rosemead that has good reviews and is always packed. I don't know if it's associated with the one in Boston.

      1. Pho Cafe, Gingergrass, etc. are more watered-down/trendy style Viet

        For much more authentic, I tried the tiny Thien Hong in Chinatown recently and had excellent phở dac biet with a nicely flavorful and rich broth. They have good handmade nem too. Definitely a better broth than Phở 97 down the hall in the same shopping plaza.

        727 N Broadway
        Los Angeles, CA 90012

          1. Golden Deli (or if it's too crowded then Vietnam House across the street).

            *The pho dac biet at Vietnam House can't be beat.

            Golden Deli
            815 West Las Tunas Dr.
            San Gabriel

            Vietnam House
            710 West Las Tunas Dr.
            San Gabriel

            1. Pho So 1 in Reseda...very affordable. Both the (breast chicken) Pho Ga (???) and the Pho with shrimp is DIVINE! The broths are soooo full of depth in taste. Yum! I want one NOW!!

              1. You can go to Golden deli or their other restaurant on valley in bewtween delmar and san gabriel..Its closer to del mar...Thers a couple of Pho restaurant there but look it up because it's quite small...Same owner as golden deli but I forgot whats the name because we know it in chinese..There is also a pho n chinatown on boradway called pho 87...Its on your right hand side if your coming from boradway into chinatown..there is also another One on valley in the corner of Rosemead its called Pho Pasteur..Its n a plaza and a pretty big one too..Sorry I have forgottonn alot of these names...Hope this helps though...Noodle City is not badd and pho 79 is a long time Pho restaurant..If you go to pho 79 on garfield Dont go on luchtme..TOO pack.If the name is not 79 try another ##...LOl I had forgotton the names

                1. I like Pho 79 in chinatown in that 2 story shopping plaza on broadway (mentioned above as Pho 99/ pho 97 etc - lol)- if only because of how cool I feel driving into their "secret" underground parking structure! Soup is good, but service is bad.
                  I also like Saigon Dish in Lawndale. Small hole in the wall but very good. All Vietnamese cooks.

                  1. Pho So 1 is very good... I go there 2-3 times a month. Their other dishes are very good too. And there's a 99 Ranch Market and Sam Woo BBQ in the same center! Pho So 1 also just opened a new location on Redondo Bch Blvd I think somewhere near Gardena.

                    1. It's not surprising that your experience at Pho Cafe, Indochine Vien, and Gingergrass were great. These places are Americanized Vietnamese food.

                      You have a lot of great suggestions so far and I think you will them better than anything you can get back east.

                      Happy eating.

                      1. Huh, never did the Pho So 1 although I go to the 99 Ranch there all the time, BUT I do go across the street for Pho 99 (also on Victory/Sepulveda in Van Nuys, but across the street, near an El Pollo Loco) on a regular basis and I love it.

                        For AMAZING pho, chances are you need to go to Westminster/Garden Grove - although I'm blanking on the names. Sorry.

                        1. For my money it is the joint in the strip center just north of Manhattan Beach Blvd. on Crenshaw. It used to be adjacent to the IHOP and is now closer to the street. City is Gardena. I have walked past places in Westminister that smell better, but I have rarely been disappointed in the wuality of their broth, and the salad plateis very fresh too. PLus check out the mall Viet gorvery in same center- very good- interesting steam table food

                          1. golden deli in san gabriel (as has been mentioned) and pho 79 (specifically, the one on garfield in alhambra). try a pho with 'golden brisket' in it at 79... can't get more down home/greasy spoon than that.

                            for some reason i think vietnam house (across from GD) is a LITTLE bit off compared to GD... i know they're owned by the same people, as is Saigon Flavor on Valley, but GD is still a tiny notch above, imho. maybe it's the mystique lol.