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Jan 6, 2007 09:54 PM

dishes with edamame?

I love boiled/salted edamame, but I have found just one additional use for them: as the base for a delicious spread. Puree with canola oil, 1/2 seasoned- 1/2 non-seasoned rice vinegar, and salt & pepper... toast sesame seeds and sprinkle atop. serve with rice crackers-- thanks to NYC's Ilene Rosen of City Bakery. What are your favorite dishes including edamame? would love to hear.

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    1. oh my goodness, I love edamame. I add it to lots of salads, my tuna salad, chicken salad, turkey salad, sauted vegies in braggs liquid amino over brown rice with a good grated cheese.

      1. Edamame- my healthy comfort food. Like 'em too much to add them to anything (they get eaten that fast in my house).

        My favorite is steamed with a tad bit of salt. I pop 'em and eat them like popcorn (with a shell). Great appetizer.

        1. Edamame Hummus - essentially like the spread you are describing, but with tahini, garlic, lemon... I've also mixed it with chickpeas or white beans. Yum!

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            Yes, I've made that. No canola oil though. Hummus definitely takes olive oil (I hate canola oil, prefer sunflower or peanut as a stir-fry oil).

          2. I have used it as a substitute for peas, in curries,pasta and fried rice. I'm thinking of adding it to my Zatarain's jambalaya mix.... Would that be wierd?