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Home delivered gourmet meals in Canada?

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Anybody know any good quality pre-prepared meals home delivered in Canada? I want to order meals for a friend and his wife dealing with cancer.

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  1. Where are your friend and wife? Canada's a pretty big place, and I don't think there are any companies delivering nationally. One national chain worth mentioning is M&M Meats, which doesn't deliver but does have a lot of locations nationwide. They do frozen pre-prepared stuff that's a step above grocery store frozen meals, although not a giant leap above, if you get my drift.

    You'll probably have more luck if you specify a city and post on the appropriate board -- this one says Canada, but it's really mostly for Atlantic Canada. There was a recent question very much like yours on the Western Canada board, for delivery in Calgary.

    1. If they are in Ontario, definitely call Fresco's and Company, a new company based in Burlington. 905-335-5815. According to them, they are the only prepackaged, ready-to-eat food maker in North America. They do everything from pasta to salads to kids meals, and it's all fresh and homemade, no preservatives.