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Jan 6, 2007 09:14 PM

Mystery Korean in Federal Hill?

Has anyone tried that rice bowl place on the corner across from the dentist's office on Light Street, near Maria D's? Brightly lit, dumpy-looking from the outside. My mother-in-law said that the propietors will bring you a full, good Korean meal with panchan if you ask, but her opinions are not always reliable. Anyone?

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  1. The Sunpapers reviewed it a few months back, lemme see if I can find the review.

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      Of course, I trust the Sun reviews about as I much as I trust --- oh, nevermind.

      Seriously, I've checked out a few places based on glowing Sun reviews and have been inevitably disappointed. I quit even reading them.

      Baltimore desperately needs a good restaurant reviewer. I lose my appetite every time I read Gorelick in City Paper. His writing is nauseating, and his reviews verge on being totally uninformative.

      Sample quote from his Chameleon Cafe review: "Crabmeat doesn’t get packed into a cake here, and diners are left free to run barefoot over other dining options."

      Excuse my rant, but Chowhound is the only reasonably reliable source of dining info we have. It's a situation that really needs to change.

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        I agree, the Sunpaper review was the only place I remembered reading anything about this place, thats why I posted it!

      1. Beef Bowl, She Made: Is this the oddest restaurant name ever? Thanks for the review, hon. Underwhelming -- I'm not going to rush out until one of you tells me it's worth it.

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          As odd as the late lamented Duck Butt Fluff

        2. I like Beef Bowl, She Made for a quick tasty lunch but not one to rush out to. The dumplings and kimchee are excellent and the rice bowls are good and fresh tasting.

          1. This place is really good. It is the best Korean I've had in Baltimore. The guy who runs the register and cooks is very nice and helpful, and very into talking about what is healthy to eat. This Korean food is much less greasy than many other restaurants, more like Korean home cooking, and my boyfriend, who does not usually like Korean very much, loves this place. The name is puzzling: I love the restaurant because it has a separate and extensive vegetarian menu. The chive kimchi pancake is outstanding, the sauce he serves with it is outstanding, and so is the vegetarian ramen. My boyfriend loves their beef on the bone, which the cook says he ages for a long time. I've been three times and have not exhausted all the vegetarian options yet.