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Jan 6, 2007 09:05 PM


This website is great! Thankyou! I am confused about something, the interviews with the top chef contestants are labeled as "podccasts"; I can't download them to be able to listen to them on my ipod. Isn't a podcast an audio file you can listen to on a ipod? Please help me so I can enjoy your podcasts while I am at work or play. Thank you.

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  1. Hey markmen-

    It is actually possible to download the podcasts. all you need to do is scroll over to the down facing arrows in the podcast box--when scrolled over it will turn red. Click it, and it will download the zipped .mp3 for you. If its a mac, it should automatically bring up Stuffit to uncompress it, and on PC just use any unzipping software. You'll then have an .mp3 that you can drag into your Ipod. hope this helps.

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    1. re: itsapeugeot

      I had the same confusion. I understand podcasts to be something you can subscribe to via a RSS feed. Either is using the term "podcast" inappropriately or I'm missing the link for the feed.

      See: -- the key is that you get to *subscribe* to the audio content.

      I'd like to be able to add the Chow podcast feeds to my iTunes so I can have it automatically download new episodes.


    2. Thank you very much! I am downloading them as we speak!
      Have a great week!

      1. Someone from needs to put the podcast into an RSS feed which we can subscribe to on iTunes. They are indeed misusing the word podcast if all there is to the MP3 is downloading it.