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Jan 6, 2007 08:45 PM

Mexican market near Ann Arbor

Is there one? I'm in withdrawal since the place on N. Maple closed a while back.

Yes I know where Detroit is, I could go there, but an hour and a half round trip kind of screws up the spontaneity of it.

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  1. I believe Von's Supermarket on Holmes Road in Ypsilanti has a pretty good line of Mexican groceries. They were advertising this heavily for a while.

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    1. What is it in particular that you are looking for? I'm wracking my brain and can't think of any other Mexican markets. Sabor Latino market (the one that closed) had good carryout, but I thought their grocery selection was pretty limited, and their produce wsn't good. If the carryout is what you are looking for, Pilar's on State is good. Also, Hiller's has a fairly good selection of Mexican food, and so does the larger Meijer's, believe it or not.

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      1. re: momskitchen

        I'm looking for chiles, especially moritas and Mexican herbs/spices.

        Hiller's does not have what I'm looking for and Meijer's is worse. I do get tomatillos at Meijer's but that's just scratching the surface.

        Hiller's has some decent chiles but not as good as SL. SL was going to get me fresh huitlacoche too. Or that's what they said. I'm sure no one at Hiller's or Meijer's ever heard of it.

        SL at least knew Mexican food, even if they didn't know that you can't put a small grocery store in a strip mall. That place is a dead zone, that's at least the 3rd store that died there that I can think of.

      2. Don't know if you are still looking but there is a produce place, called Z Z's Produce, on Packard that might have what you want. It is close to the corner of Packard and Carpenter. They have a lot of spices and chilis out there, as well as a great deal of produce (beyond tomatillos). You sometimes have to sort through the produce to find the fresh stuff but the price is sure right. Hope this helps

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        1. re: Morebutter

          I am always looking for good sources. Thanks for the post.

          I was turned on to ZZ's by the lady who runs the taqueria on the corner. I asked her where to buy good Mex ingredients. And they do have the same brand of chiles moritas that I got addicted to at Sabor Latino, so I'm back in business.

          Bought some makings for chicharron there too. :-0

          1. re: Chris Weber

            There's a taqueria in Ann Arbor? Where is it?

            1. re: Dondestas

              Dos Hermanos market in Ypsi @ the NW corner of Mich Ave and Hamilton has a broad range of Mexican groceries including meat and fish counters. They also have a taqueria in the store on weekends. Had some decent carnitas a couple of Sundays ago.

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                I believe the taqueria that OP was referring to is Taqueria La Fiesta, on the corner of Packard and Carpenter, near party store that used to be called the Beehive.

                The taqueria is owned by the same folks who own La Fiesta Mexicana in Yspi on Cross. They have some of the same items. Especially good are the tamales and the asada tacos. I believe there's some other posts about it, but as a general rule, i just get takeout from there because service is very slow and relaxed.

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                  Borimex, the new place where Pilars used to be on State St has pretty good tacos,
                  al pastor, carnitas, lengua etc.
                  2285 S. State St.

                    1. re: Michigan Mishuganer

                      there's a pretty big Mexican market on Liberty near Stadium (in what used to be the futon shop, between Hello Faz & oil change place)