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Jan 6, 2007 08:39 PM

snacks for Trivial Pursuit party

we are having an 80's Trivial Pursuit party next Sat night. We invited friends for cocktails and snacks.

Anyone have any easy snack ideas that won't break the budget? Thank you!

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  1. One idea is to look in your pantry and get creative! As a grad student who throws a good number of get-togethers, I'm always amazed at what I can find in my pantry. has an ingredient search function that might be helpful...

    1. This seems like a pretty casual get-together, so I'll suggest kind of "casual food". Not a menu, but just some suggestions to cherry pick.

      Chex Mix (I'm a ho about that stuff)
      Egg salad on toasts (cut into small triangles
      Mini pizzas
      Chicken wings or with bbq sauce and ranch dipping sauce
      Individual Mac and Cheese (baked in small ramekins)
      Cheddar biscuits with mustard and shaved ham

      assorted cookies or brownies

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        I like the finger food idea, plus the quick bites so you can answer a question and not always be chewing. I love mini-quiches for get togethers. Oh, deep fried mac and cheese balls--we were at a casual restaurant that had them. Serve w/ toothpick, easy!

        I just made home made chex mix for the first time since I was about 15. I forgot how good it could be. I love that you can customize it. I'm coming up w/ new, unusual things I can use.

        1. re: chowser

          Holy Heaven Balls, Bat Man! You have to describe the deep fried Mac and Cheese! Or do you have a recipe? Man, that sounds BEYOND wonderful!

          1. re: Andiereid

            This recipe looks like it would be close.


            I thought, this would be great for a party. Hey, maybe you could put a meatball in the center first! Or even more decadent--a piece of hot dog!

            1. re: Andiereid

              The Cheesecake Factory ( God help me ) has fried Mac & Cheese balls that they serve with a creamy tomato sauce. They are actually very tasty!

              1. re: lvmanager

                As does TGI Fridays (as anybody that watches too much TV, like me, surely knows) Out of extreme curiousity we went and tried them out...verdict: Ok. nothing special. But the concept certainly could be special with some actually quality ingrediants and attention to detail.

        2. Homemade hummus and pita is super cheap - and everyone loves it. I like to blend 2 cans of garbanzos (drained), some lemon juice, a little oil, almost a jar of roasted red peppers, garlic, and a few jalepenos for a really good (and a lot) of spicy red pepper hummus.

          Making a batch of meatballs and serving with toothpicks (or mini garlic bread (for a mini meatball sandwich)) is pretty affordable.

          Spinach/artichoke dip is also pretty affordable and everyone loves it served with cut up french bread.

          I love the mini mac & cheese idea - you could top with a little parm/romano blend and then brown under the broiler - that would be great!

          And serving chips with some salsa, hot refried bean dip and with some really easy mexican flavored ground beef (or turkey) is always a crowd pleaser.

          1. Quesadillas are easy and easily varied e.g., plain cheese, spinach, chicken, onion, etc.

            Same goes for crepes, if you have the crepes themselves pre-made and fillings laid out.

            Potstickers are easy to do in batches and are available with meat or vegetarian.

            1. What about bowls of the bagged munchies you can get at Indian stores? SOOOOH good with brewskies! And, VERY cheap!